Why Trump Won

A few weeks ago I gave an interview to Press TV where I outlined four ways Trump could still win even though the polls didn’t look good for Trump at the time. Apparently, all four of these actually came to pass.

1-Increased evidence of Hillary’s incompetence and corruption rendered her an increasingly unpalatable candidate to many voters. Her numbers really sank after the FBI investigation was reopened.

2-Trump did surprisingly well among African-Americans, particularly black men.

3-The third party candidates did unusually well, and seem to have hurt Hillary more than Trump.

4-Trump cleaned up with the working class vote in the Rust Belt states that have been hit the hardest by the neoliberal economic policies that Hillary’s husband pioneered.

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  1. There was a rumor that he’d make Michael Flynn Secretary of Defense. That could be the single best thing to come from his win. A DoD whip that was on the Scott Horton Show is like something out of the Twilight Zone.

  2. This is my hypothesis, guys. We know the ruling class rigs the electronic voting machines, we know they control the electoral college, The media can effectively run smear campaigns to the detriment of whomever they perpetrate this against. They ran a PC-laden campaign against Trump. IMO, if they wanted Hillary to win, she would have. AM I wrong? People at as if the trillionaire bankers would rather be doing other things than playing God. I don’t think they fell asleep on this one.
    So now, here’s what the ruling classes can do with a Trump presidency:
    1. Run an incessant, 24/7 PC, smear campaign for the next four years. Anyone on ATS knows that Divide and conquer is the favored and effective weapon used by the ruling class. I’ve never witnessed more hostility than what we saw this election… Be prepared for that to Amplify… They corporate media (six Billion dollar companies) amplify their Politically correct propaganda. They will put it on steroids. We all know PC is the language of totalitarianism. Now, they have an excuse to bombard us with it night and day, until that’s all the sheeple can think about. We’ll be dreaming about PC, it will be everywhere.
    2. Any type of “terrorist” attack, or whatever they have up their sleeves, can be pinned on Trump. He will make a useful scapegoat.

    I haven’t googled it yet, but does anyone know how to change my WordPress blog name. On Depression and More was a hasty decision. While I’m at it, does anyone know any other good search engines other than Google. It’s utterly ludicrous how we fall in line, and assume that Google is the only search engine on the planet we should use, Nothing good ever comes from monopolies…

    • Technically, rigging the voting machines may not be the best way to win. Rigging the electoral college and rules is more effective. I workday be shocked if they did tamper with votes, but that doesn’t translate directly to winning.
      For one thing ,Trump represents part of the Establishment – including the Deep State – but its dying trunk as opposed to its deranged head. He always had some support from elements of the bureaucracy and corporate elite, just not their preeminent branches of finance, welfare and foreign policy.
      Trump’s election signifies something about populist fury, but it was accomplished with the help of dissidents within the oligarchy.

  3. You really think he was helped by dissidents within the oligarchy? Can you name names? Seriously, I’m curious.

    I know the media loved to hark on the fact that Putin supported Trump, and I said GOOD! Do we really want another Cold War? Why wouldn’t we want good relations with Russia? Our is military budget already insanely immense, another cold war would send it skyrocketing into the sratosphere.

    Moore, your comments do help me relax a little bit. I was convinced that the oligarchy had planned this, but maybe you’re right. If they had planned this it would be to create chaos, to further divide the population racially, economically, to run nonstop PC campaigns etc. (which they will try to do anyways), but if this was legitimate, than that gives me hope.

    I always have to remind people, HIllary and Obama said nice PC things… while they were bombing six different countries. Causing death, mutilatin, poverty, famine in those six countries. Trump may have said crude things (which got repeated ad nauseam) but he also talked about ending NAFTA which, by flooding Mexico with cheap (Likely GMO) American corn and crops, put 2 million Mexican farmers out of business. Trump spoke of ending NAFTA. If he does things like that, than Mexicans won’t have to come here. He won’t have to build a wall. WIth the Clinton and Bush dynasty in power, you’d have to build a wall between where us Americans are going to have to escape to when jobs completely dry up here and we turn into a 2nd or 3rd world country!

    • Peter Thiel, Carl Icahn, Michael Flynn, and Peter Schiff – all credible oligarchs or at least elites – supported Trumpism to varying degrees. However, most of his support was silent and tacit, and came from people we’ve never heard of (as with Clinton). There are many manufacturing, management and anti-finance elements in the US oligarchy who have been shit on since Carter, and they finally got a weapon that could punch through the PC armor of the corporate class.

      • Yes, I’m somewhat torn on this one. I trust the authors and dedicated readership at ATS will have more academically influenced and researched opinion about what is going on within the ranks of the oligarchy, but I’m not convinced the Finance, bankers, technocratic elements could be rused and defeated by the old-fashioned elements. Can anyone provide me a link to a good article on this? This is interesting, this infighting element. (Maybe we the people could do a Divide and Conquer on the elites)
        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the neo-elite (or whatever the term is) have the federal reserve at their disposal and can, and do, print out trillions whenever they please. How do you beat that when everything on planet earth has a price tag on it.
        The Divide and conquer strategy needs two sides that ostensibly hate each other, and I think you will see a vast increase in the Politically correct totalitarian Humanistic rhetoric vs. the Conservative Correctness Fox News Rhetoric. I think it will reach a fever-pitch. With this and new threats abroad as usual, (the ubiquitous, omnipresent, bellicose boogymen) plus all of the other deleterious shit they pull (whether poisoning us with their toxic chemicals, GMOs, mental stress basically keeping us in a permanent fight-or-flight state) will culminate in a real collective hysteria… I guess. Or so they hope.
        ONe way to determine this will be to monitor and scrutinize Trumps actions and rhetoric: Will he dig in and get things done, or will he play their divisive games by adding fuel the fires of antagonism by becoming a caricature of Archie Bunker, which will allow the T humanists ammunition to launch their self-righteous attacks? If he does the latter, we will know he’s in on it with the banking and technology power elite.

  4. 5. Will Trump stop foreign aide as he says he will?
    6. Will he stop $ flowing to Saudi Arabia and Israel?
    7. He’s talking tough on ISIS and the military. Will he stop Western arms dealers from arming them and Will the West stop supplying them with food, $$, intelligence, training etc. That’s the REAL issue. How can you defend an enemy while simaltaneously supporting them?

    • The damage done by NAFTA is its international bureaucracy and favored status for international corporations. The problem is not low tariffs (which are a silver lining) but the slow erosion of domestic economies and law in favor of NWO-types such as the IMF and McDonald’s.

  5. Yes, you know R.J Jacob, I think your 5 words may have summed it up nicely. Succinctly. Trump and a new populism may simply be the clever, new rebranding, and repackaging totalitarianism needs. They have to sell tyranny to us like a consumer product. WHen too many begin to catch on to the old autocratic product, they simply rebrand despotism. Trump very well may have been cooked up in the boardroom.

  6. *The Trump Campaign, I mean, literally drafted in a dark boardroom. To think the trillionaires and billionaires whose sole passion in life is power and playing God, were just helpless and hapless in the face of the overwhelming populism of Trump…

    I try to remain optimistic, though. It’s important. Thoughts can effect your body just as much as food or life stressors. The mind doesn’t know the difference between thoughts, perceptions and reality. It’s all bioelectric neural networks communicating with nuerotrnasmitters and nueropeptides, turnig on and off genes that influence the entirety of your mind and body. Thoughts can heal diseases (just read about the placebo effect) or they can kill you, literally. That’s the power of PC, of CC, of endless, pervasive doom and gloom news, it can put you in a sympathetic, fight or flight, panic state, where spirtuality is dead, and you can be easily controlled and led… so stay positive. I don’t care if your Keith Preston or Malcom X get away from this shit sometimes, put a comedy movie on, you’re body and soul will relax and when you return to this world of despots, your mind will be clearer…

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