Month: October 2016

If Mencken were alive and glaring

By Marion Rogers The Washington Times Oh, how H.L. Mencken would have loved this. The renowned Baltimore journalist who said that national political conventions and politicians were for “connoisseurs of the obscene” would have never guessed how obscene it could be. Not that he would have endorsed obscenity […]

NO CONFIDENCE: Vote for Yourself

In the face of a particularly pitiful election selection, Ann Sterzinger makes the case for giving oneself the first and final vote. Personally, were I American, I’d either just stay home or turn up only to draw a cock on the ballot paper, in line with my anti-democratic […]

A Native American White Nationalist?

Lingit Latseen Anti-Fascist News has been engaging in some lazy investigative journalism about me; either that or they’re running a deliberate disinformation campaign. Given Antifa’s track record of cultish, conspiracy-theory behavior, either or both could be true. For the uniformed, Antifa is a network of Communists and anarcho-communists […]

How ISIS Resembles Yesterday’s Anarchists

By Katrina Gulliver The American Conservative Then as now, revolutionary violence sparks calls for immigration restrictions. Everett Historical / Shutterstock Today, revolutionary anarchists seem archaic, almost quaint. But for around 50 years, from the 1880s to the 1930s, anarchists carried out terror attacks all over the world. Buildings […]

Is Trumpism Fascism?

By Wayne Price Anarkismo What is Fascism? Donald Trump and those who follow him have shown certain specific traits of a fascist movement. Does that make Trump or the Trumpets into fascists? What is fascism? How is it counterposed to bourgeois democracy? Is there likely to be a […]

Spain: A Country With No Government

In keeping with the Spanish anarchist tradition. By Martin Caparros New York Times Photo Credit Valero Doval MADRID — On Jan. 2, 1492, Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon — known as the Catholic Monarchs — occupied Granada, completing their conquest of Moorish Spain. Ever since, Spain […]

Robert Stark interviews Haarlem Venison

Listen Here!         Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein interview Dramatist, Vagabond, HBD Doomsayer, Globalist, Universalist, Evolutionary Humanist, Panpsychist, Black Aryan, and Poet-Warrior, Haarlem Venison. Haarlem blogs at AcidRight.INFO Topics include: Haarlem’s book of poetry LO! a racist exhile Robert’s observation that the book uses racial […]

Theresa May: An Interim Report

By Sean Gabb Libertarian Alliance Though she was the only candidate not manifestly unfit to keep watch on a public toilet, I groaned when Theresa May became Prime Minister. She had been a dreadful Home Secretary. In the Referendum, she had formally supported the Remain side. There was […]