Month: September 2016

On Dissolving the American Empire

Ronald Olden Libertarian Alliance The difficulty with America is that it tries to do too much. It’s one thing to become involved in a full scale war like the Second World War when the protagonists are Nation States and a decisive military outcome can be achieved. But it’s […]

Thoughts on the American Empire

Kevin Glick Libertarian Alliance “The world has been made worse by having the Americans try to rule it, and it will be made even worse once they give up and walk away.” (Sean Gabb) That’s an interesting perspective, and one with which it’s difficult to argue. While it […]

Sean Gabb: Against Islamophobia

Sean nails it on the “Islamophobia” question in this. I wrote an article making a similar argument years ago. By Sean Gabb Libertarian Alliance Against Islamophobia by Sean Gabb (13th September 2016) This brief essay on the relationship between Islam and violence is inspired by and expands on […]

The Uselessness of Isms

By Chris Shaw The constant need to define one’s philosophical and ideological beliefs through a convenient form of superstructure is something that can be found amongst all philosophies. The multiple libertarian ideologies are no different in this regard. Whether it be anarchism, left-libertarianism, classical liberalism or any other […]

Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fiat

By Guy Christopher, Originally Published on Money Metals Exchange Do young Americans today know anything about economics? No, they don’t, according to a study during the 2016 presidential primary season, which says lots of other Americans don’t either. The survey found 58% of millennials favor government-run socialism (statistically […]

New Class War

A must read for anyone that wants to understand present day political, cultural, and class conflict. By Daniel McCarthy The American Conservative Michael Hogue Shock gave way to relief this summer as America’s political establishment—rattled by Donald Trump’s success in winning the Republican nomination—reassured itself of his inevitable […]

Thick Libertarians

This is a pretty good summary of why the libertarian movement has failed to provide a viable alternative in the U.S., i.e. it’s just a microcosm representation of the wider established paradigm, and not an alternative paradigm. This author identifies 8 major libertarian factions, ranging from far left […]