Month: July 2016

Keith Preston: Clinton email probe could end in ‘great chaos’ for 2016 vote

Press TV. Read here: Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attends a town hall with about 100 millennials who are digital content creators and social media influencers, June 28, 2016, at Neuehouse in Hollywood, California. (AFP) An FBI probe into use of private email server by former […]

The Myth of Cosmopolitanism

By Ross Douthat New York Times NOW that populist rebellions are taking Britain out of the European Union and the Republican Party out of contention for the presidency, perhaps we should speak no more of left and right, liberals and conservatives. From now on the great political battles […]

The Secret of Swiss Success Is Decentralization

By Daniel J. Mitchell Foundation for Economic Education Programs about the improbable success of Chile and Estonia already have aired on nationwide TV, and those were joined last weekend by a show about the “sensible nation” of Switzerland. Here’s the 28-minute program. When I first watched the program, I was slightly irked […]

Keith Preston: Israel lobby controls most American politicians

Press TV. Listen here: “Virtually all of the major [US] politicians from both of the major parties repeatedly kowtow to the Israel lobby,” say Keith Preston. The United States’ unconditional support for Israel will not end anytime soon as most of the American politicians, regardless of their […]