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Breitbart, ‘Renegade Jews,’ And The Anti-Semitic Wing Of The Trump Movement

Whoa! Apparently, there has been a split among the neocons as the most far-right wing of the neocons, the circle around David Horowitz, has gone over to the Trump camp. Bill Kristol, whose father Irving was actually the one who coined the term “neoconservatism” and was one of the founders of the movement, is in the standard neocon tradition of former left-liberals gone Reaganite gone radical imperialist, but Horowitz more closely resembles the counter-jihad movement in Europe and its American proponents like Pamela Geller. This may have the effect of pushing the Kristol circle closer to Hillary, and as the right-wing of the neocons form a Geert Wilders like faction in the Trump camp.

By Ben Shapiro

Daily Wire

On Sunday, Breitbart News posted an article by conservative thinker David Horowitz. The headline: “Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew Prepares Third Party Effort To Block Trump’s Path To White House.”

This is surprising coming from Horowitz.

It’s unsurprising coming from Breitbart News.

I am a former employee of both Breitbart News and David Horowitz. I left Breitbart under rather public circumstances thanks to their overweening allegiance to Donald Trump, which led to them treating decent people like trash. I founded the website TruthRevolt under the auspices of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and I consider David both a mentor and a friend.

But this article is garbage.


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