Month: March 2016

Keith Preston: Feeling threatened by Daesh, US backpedalling on past policies

Press TV. Listen here: “The US would rather have a victory in Syria than for the Assad government to retain power,” Preston says. US President Barack Obama’s pledge to step up intelligence cooperation against the Daesh Takfiri terrorists signals America’s serious concerns about the terror group which […]

Confronting the New Right?

Perhaps everyone should just go their own way? Gods and Radicals The New Right is a Anglo-European intellectual, political, social, and cultural movement gaining influence within Paganism, Polytheism, Heathenism, and the Occult communities. Generally called either ‘proto-fascists’ or ‘crypto-fascists,’ their ideology mirrors many aspects of what we might […]

Barry Cooper: Never Get Busted!

A former narc who became a genuine enemy of the state. Jeff interviews ex-cop turned freedom fighter Barry Cooper of Never Get Busted, topics include: smoking pot as a cop, changing your life through psychedelics, Ayahuasca, the end of the war on drugs, two million people caged in […]

Marc Victor: The Anarchist Lawyer

Jeff Berwick interviews Marc Victor. Marc is a criminal defense attorney with over 20 years experience who really knows his stuff. The issues that Marc discusses are by far the most important domestic issues in the United States (and most other states). The entire spectrum of anti-statists, from […]

Brussels: Déjà vu

Brussels: Déjà vu By Keir Martland I remember watching with horror on the night of the 13th November 2015 as the news of the Paris atrocities came through. RT, the BBC, and Sky were all of them thoroughly confused by the events and yet I stayed up until […]

Keith Preston: ‘US Afghanistan blitz meant to instate puppet regime’

Press TV. Obama reneged on his election campaign promise to end Afghan war, says Preston. America’s stepped-up aerial attacks in Afghanistan are part of Washington’s policy to seek the instatement of a puppet regime there, says an analyst. “What seems to be happening is that the goal […]

Donald Trump: Charlatan

I found this post on a social media site that I think sums up “The Donald” pretty well. Donald Trump is simply a huckster. The only thing he stands for is himself. That said, I’m thrilled by his electoral success thus far because it shows supposedly sacrosanct “American […]

The Next Best Thing?

This was one of my most popular recent posts on social media with favorable comments coming from leftists, libertarians, conservatives, fascists, anarchists, national-anarchists, and alt rightists alike. “I’m all for protesting against politicians. Let the Left protest Trump and let the Right protest Sanders. I’d love to see […]