Month: February 2016

Keith Preston: US, Russia agreed to Syria ceasefire to avoid war

Press TV. Listen here: “The two nations both understand that a serious confrontation between Russia and the United States would not be in the interest of either country,” Preston said. The United States and Russia are attempting to de-escalate the growing tensions over Syria, knowing that any […]

A 2016 Foreign Policy Report Card

An interesting graphic from The American Conservative. Presidents have more latitude in foreign affairs than in domestic policy, and the trend over the past two administrations has been for presidents to be more hawkish than their campaign pledges led voters to expect. George W. Bush promised a “humble […]

How Not to Do It

By William S. Lind Traditional Right The protestors who took over the aptly-named Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon have garnered a fair amount of conservative empathy. Their issue, the Federal government’s ownership of vast tracts of western land, is a legitimate one. As a story in […]

Failure as a Way of Life

By William S. Lind The American Conservative The fault line in American politics is no longer Republican vs. Democrat nor conservative vs. liberal but establishment vs. anti-establishment. This is an inevitable result of serial failure in establishment policies. Nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the […]

Keith Preston: US lauds Saudi offer of troops in Syria

Press TV. Listen here: US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter speaks during a news conference at the Pentagon January 28, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. (AFP) US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter hails Saudi Arabia’s offer of troop deployment to war-weary Syria, commending Riyadh’s willingness to ‘combat’ Daesh (ISIL) […]

The Libertarian Moment That Never Was

I’ve always argue that the last thing libertarians who want to achieve political success should ever do is position themselves as just another branch of “free market conservatives” preaching bourgeois economics. The failure Rand Paul indicates that, for better or worse, I was probably right. Case in point: […]

Contra the Self-Ownership Principle: The Nightmare of Libertopia

By Todd Lewis Praise of Folly Recently I have been reading Ed Feser’s blog entries on Murary Rothbard here:                   With Feser’s insights, along with my own separate inquiries facilitated by my friend Brock Bellerive, […]