Libertarian Presidential Candidates: Not Exactly Winners

I often have to wonder which is the bigger joke: the anarcho-leftoids or the establishment libertarians, or is it a tie? Invictus 2020.

By Jeb Lund

The Guardian

gary johnson speaking

In an exclusive interview with Reason on Wednesday, former New Mexico governor and former Republican Gary Johnson announced that he will again seek the Libertarian party presidential nomination in order to, among other things, ban Muslim women from wearing burqas.

Are we France now? Do we tell Lafayette that we are here?

I’m not a Libertarian, but I’m familiar with the schtick: its purpose in American politics is to decouple the Republican goal of ending taxation on the wealthy and eliminating pro-labor regulation from the party’s sex policing, religious outrage and marginal-group “othering” that makes Republicans actually electable.


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