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  1. Individual radical (if I read the very small print correctly ) even the Aquarian Agrarian website has it minute as well ,not everybody is using low-res screens .I didnt notice any comments on its website people not willing to admit their leanings on the Internet ?

  2. If you confined me to the first list I’d say I’m somewhere between a Panarchist and a National Anarchist. I’d prefer just plain old “Anarchist” or “Tribal Anarchist.” I believe in the importance of a tribe, a people and a nation, but I don’t really inform the “Tribal” part of my anarchism from anglo National Anarchism, though I see many similarities there.

  3. I am definitely in the Nihilist branch, with a strong affinity for insurrection and the AnCaps. However, you’re also leaving out the Anarcho-Fascists and Redbeards, who are totally anarchists, even if they’re potentially ultraviolent (so are many classical anarchists). I mean, Fascism has at least some roots in anarchism, and the Nazis literally organized a paramilitary organization to fight the cops, unlike any anarchists I know of.
    I also veer into the Anarcho-Fascisti stuff because frankly my idea of ‘morality’ is a lot more like Savitri Devi’s than Rothbard’s. One of the best things about Rand is that crypto-violent individualism and disregard for the untermenschen.

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