The Unmagnificent Seven: Naming ISIS Allies

How ISIS is being used as a tool of the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabist axis.

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The Mainstream Media is doing all it can to avoid addressing the obvious:  naming, dissecting and damning ISIS’s major backers and supporters.  There are no such informative and sanguine reports being penned or published by the elite media; they are instead too busy gatecrashing the funerals of the fallen, wiping errant tears and taking selfies.

As usual, wilted pathos and not sound reason is what’s being fed to the public after yet another  horrific series of terrorist attacks.

But in this advanced age of the internet and its perpetually widening information highway, this will simply not do.  Consumers of news on terrorism – which is practically most of humanity – would greatly benefit from learning the identities of the wizards behind the ISIS curtain.  The MSM is not providing this vital service – this therefore leaves the burden of mass dissemination on the thin shoulders of private citizens and their blogs.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, America, France and the UK.  The Unmagnificent Seven.

This is the duplicitous, mass-murdering mafia that is in fact behind the rise and hectic spread of ISIS and its Takfiri Hydras.  Every single terrorist act committed by ISIS terrorists was made possible by the dark generosity and political perversions of the Unmagnificent Seven.  None of these conspiratorial nations are fighting terrorism, as they claim.  They are instead willfully and covertly creating terrorism to advantage their mega global power grabs – and in the case of our government, using our tax dollars to do so, no less.  In other words, we are today unknowingly paying for our own eventual slaughter by terrorists.


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  1. Yes, the worst part is that we all work our fucking annoying, drab, mundane jobs to pay for this psychopathic slaughter. That is the ultimate insult to injury. They brainwash us from cradle to grave through our education system and media, poisen us with toxic chemicals and plastic foods, give us nutrition advise that is completely skewed and disease-forming, build bombs that rain down on innocents and militants alike etc. And we foot the bill. Home of the free land of the brave

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