Extremism Without Apologies: Augustus Sol Invictus 2020? 1

Is this guy the ideal candidate for the Grey Tribe and the Pan-Secessiionist Meta-Party?

He certainly has the right attitude.

His efforts thus far in the Libertarian Party are consistent with the ARV-ATS objective of having more militant leaders gain positions of influence in dissident organizations and intermediary institutions, and pushing out the more “moderate” (wimpy) leadership.

His program is a generic libertarianism that is broad enough to include a wide range of dissidents (i.e. the ones mentioned in the ARV-ATS “core documents”). Keep an eye on this fellow and see what we can learn in the process.

Imagine if we had hundreds or thousands of folks like this applying the ARV-ATS philosophy in many different organizations and locations.

One comment

  1. If we had hundreds of thousands of people like this, this never would have happened. To make a direct analogy, it is inconceivable that 4th century BC Aryan steppe tribes would put up with the vast majority of what people do today, they literally would rather have died – and many of their cultural relatives did, at Russian hands. There is a direct relationship to the structural weakness in Anglo-Germanic religion and social organization and its inability to deal with reality.

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