Fourth Generation Warfare

In Hezbollah stronghold, Lebanese Christians find respect, stability

By Ariel Zirulnick

Christian Science Monitor

Randa Gholam, a Christian living the Hezbollah stronghold neighborhood of Harat Hreik, stands next to a poster of Hasan Nasrallah in her home on November 15, in Beirut, Lebanon. Gholam supports and admires Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and says she feels free to worship as a Christian in a predominately Shiite neighborhood.

In a home in a Shiite neighborhood in southern Beirut, images of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah share mantel and wall space with the Virgin Mary.

The face of the revered Shiite militant leader appears on posters, a calendar, and in several photographs nestled amid those of Christian homeowner Randa Gholam’s family members. Mr. Nasrallah is, Ms. Gholam asserts amid a string of superlatives, “a gift from God.”

Lebanon’s sectarian divides are legendary, and the residents of the historically Christian neighborhood of Harat Hreik, now a Hezbollah stronghold, remember well the civil war that set Beirut on fire. They were literally caught in the middle of some of the most vicious fighting, with factions firing shots off at one another from either side of their apartment buildings.


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  1. One reason Islam is so successful is because they’re capable of operating civil society without the government’s permission. What the Western Establishment dislikes about Islam is not its sporadic murders, but the fact that people who have not been processed through Western anti-culture actually have a will and mind of their own. While Islam is slightly crazier than Christianity, what’s left of Christendom is nothing but whipped dogs, disarmed tax-slaves, and what used to be hanged as ‘collaborationists’.

    The weakness of the Western ideology goes back far before 1789, and it’s pure hubris for the anarcho-tyrannies of Western idiocracy to act like they have anything on civilizations where civil legal codes and communities exist without and in spite of both domestic and American attempts to destroy them; who manage to implement domestic security, community organization, education and charity entirely without internationalist support or anything resembling a political or tax base – that is, elements like Hezbollah.

    The CIA-spawned Islamist groups that make the military empire scared are dangerous not because they randomly kill a handful of people, or sell drugs across North Africa. What they represent is the will to resist, i.e. actual, physical and intellectual independence from the Modernist onslaught.

    Every time I hear these whiners talk about ‘Shariah Law’ I have to wonder how they can be so ignorant as to see that would be infinitely more just and efficient than anything inscribed the the criminal codes and police states of the West.

    The Islamic problem isn’t an Islamic problem, it’s the fact that Europeans are cowards and witless tools; who are more easily inspired to criticize a vastly healthier culture than to recognize that the rotting corpse of politics and ideology they cling to is killing them, deliberately, and openly. Anyone who whines about ‘terrorism’ and wages their jingoistic faux-nationalist-internationalist ideology is asking to be bombed, one way or another

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