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  1. Is it really the leader in all negative traits? Are there any countries in which there is a larger percentage of various active anarchists and libertarians? Are e.g. North Korea & ISIS any better? Do individual and group secessonists have a better chance in some other countries? Is there more free criticism of the government in many other countries?

  2. Well, the issue here is that Americans tend to be unusually jingoistic or nationalistic, at least for a Western industrial democracy (“USA! USA! We’re number one! We’re number one!” Some of this sentiment is no doubt generated by the fact that the USA is the world’s only remaining world superpower (Rome on the Potomac) with a larger military budget that the next 25 or so countries combined. But this video is something of a lesson in humility. Number one in war and mass incarceration, while rapidly going downhill in every other area. Is that really something to be proud of?

    That’s not to say the US is the worst place on earth by any means, and certainly not when compared with North Korea, ISIS, the reactionary Gulf States, the Palestinian territories, sub-Saharan Africa, impoverished Asian or Latin American countries, or many other places. But Americans often lack objectivity or education about these things.

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