Brazil: Incendiary attack against an ITAU Bank branch by Movimente Insurgente Anarquista

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Claim of responsibility for an incendiary attack against a branch of the ITAU Bank in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil on 13.09.15 by Movimente Insurgente Anarquista (MIA) received and translated by Insurrection News. 


“We have this fantasy that our interests and the interests of the super-rich are the same – as if, somehow, the wealthy will eventually become so full that they will explode and rain sweets down on all of us as if they were some kind of benevolent piñata. But here’s the truth about the piñatas…they do not break by themselves, you have to hit them with a stick.”

The recent attack on a branch of Bradesco bank raised some doubt among corporate media journalists. Indeed, the bomb placed in the third box did not explode. The motive reported by some media was the theft of their rotten money. After all, a bomb containing 5 liters of gasoline and some additives would never explode an ATM.

Our intention was to burn down one of the numerous temples of capital that today stand like tentacles on every corner.

So on the night of September 13, 2015, we carried out another incendiary attack against a bank branch. This time we targeted ITAU who in the second business quarter of 2015 made an obscene income of R$5.9 billion.

Apparently, cashing in on interest and speculating on other people’s work is the only thing that actually continues to move the already rust gears of the capitalist superstructure. It’s the insanity of our times, where the weakest live in crisis while those at the top feast at our expense. The attacks upon the lower classes they call the ‘adjustment’, any attack against the upper classes they call ‘terrorism.’

As if that was not enough, the puppet Dilma Rousseff attacks the workers with harsh austerity measures, divestment and cuts to social programs and we still have to swallow a congress full of rats and worms – and all strains of parasites – fattening their stomachs with money coming from the lobbying of corporations, companies, banks and agribusiness. Suits acting in their own interests against the wishes of the people. This is what is known as ‘democracy.’


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  1. Opening a free bank and defending its continued existence and the spread of free banking would be much more revolutionary and useful than destroying any existing bank buildings of privileged or monopoly banks like the central banks. These destroyers don’t even recognize the usefulness of buildings in their indiscriminately hateful actions. Alas, full monetary and financial freedom requires much more study and thought than arson. See e.g. – A genuinely liberating anarchist and libertarian liberation, revolution and military insurrection program, avoiding all the wrongs and mistakes of all past such efforts, seems to be still missing.

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