Sex Offender Cities: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

The solution to the pedo question?

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Texas Sex Offenders

In the remote cane fields of South Florida lies the City of Refuge, which provides a home for 120 registered sex offenders in a compound consisting of sixty concrete buildings. There’s a need for such communities, the leaders of Matthew 25 Ministries say, because registered sex offenders are not free to live wherever they choose. By law, they cannot live near children and those who are subject to a lifetime registration requirement are banned from federally subsidised public housing. As a result, many convicted sex offenders end up living on the streets, without the benefit of community support or accountability.

Jay Kirk visited the unusual community and interviewed many of its residents. He writes at GQ:


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  1. He says he takes responsibility for what happened, he was the grown-up, but after eight years in prison, what really rips him is how offenders get stigmatized when there s so much worse in the world. Seriously, he says, which was worse?

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