Month: August 2015

Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about The Alternative Left, Immigration & Cultural Leftist Insanity

Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about The Alternative Left, Immigration & Cultural Leftist Insanity Topics include: Proposal for an Alternative Left Robert Lindsay as The Left Wing of the Alternative Right The Alternative Left’s stance on immigration, trade, the environment, and social issues. The Corporate push for open […]

Benjamin Tucker on Anarcho-Capitalism

By Charles Johnson Center for a Stateless Society The following article was written by Charles Johnson and published on his Rad Geek People’s Daily, December 1, 2007. Well, kind of. Obviously Benjamin Tucker had no direct opinions about “anarcho-capitalism,” because the term was not even coined until many years after his death, […]

Introducing Truth Axis

We now have a new Facebook page oriented towards the Truth community. Check it out here. Truth Axis is about exposing the global power elite and the overlords of the New World Order. We are neither left nor right, but merely for the TRUTH.

Christian Anarchism: A Forgotten Alternative for the Peaceful Ordering of Society

By Alexandre Christoyannopoulos Anarchy Archives Political Studies Association Annual Conference, 4-6 April 2006, Reading University, Session 1, Anarchism stream: panel 1 (Tuesday 4 April, 14:15-15:30), Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (, Department of Politics and International Relations, Rutherford College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NX United Kingdom Abstract State brutality […]

Will the Real Military Please Stand Up?

It appears that the state’s military is gradually being hollowed out from the inside while being demoralized with perpetual failed wars. As revolutionary anarchists, out ambition should be the establishment of Hezbollah and PKK model fourth generation militias that eventually surpass the state’s military forces. By William S. […]

President Obama is Right on Iran

A broken clock is right twice a day. By William S. Lind Traditional Right Real conservatives hate war. War is the most expensive activity the state can engage in. Its outcome is always uncertain. Only revolution is a more powerful agent of social and cultural change, change conservatives […]

Understanding the Anarchist Philosophy

For readers who are interested in learning more about the traditional anarchist philosophy and its history, I would recommend the following works: “Demanding the Impossible” by Peter Marshall gives a very comprehensive overview of the entire anarchist tradition. Noam Chomsky argues this is the best book on anarchism, […]

Is Trump Our Last Chance?

My take on Donald Trump: Unlike many anarchists, I think immigration can be criticized on a variety of grounds. Mass immigration appears to be an effort to an effort to flood the economy with cheap labor for capital, thereby dispossessing the traditional working class. It also appears to […]

Bernie Sanders—Yes or No?

My take on Bernie Sanders: It’s interesting to see an actual major party presidential candidate who denounces the corporatists with as much fervor as Sanders, and the positive response he is getting. That said, Sanders is not one of us. He is a statist, centralist traditional Marxist economic […]

Murder Made Sexy

By William T. Hathaway The US Special Forces is a bizarrely gendered world, as I found out when I joined it to write a book about war. This all-male bastion is sexualized in a truly perverted way, particularly in its methods for turning young men into killers on […]

Why Evangelicals Worship Trump

The evangelical/fundamentalist subculture in the US really is proof that P.T. Barnum was correct when he said a sucker is born every five minutes. When will they realize they’re on the losing end of the culture wars and embrace secession? By Betsy Woodruff With his brash demeanor, rough […]

On Mutualism & Interest on Capital

By William Schnack Evolution of Consent Much of the conflict between mutualism and other schools of economics seems to be based on terminology. Mutualists lack the terminology to properly separate returns from land, capital, and labor, while Georgists, and others, divide them classically into rent, interest, and wages. […]

Borders? What Borders?

By Neil Lock Libertarian Alliance Sean Gabb has called for (in his words) a decent libertarian essay in favour of open borders. I hope this will fit the bill. My view is certainly libertarian; for I favour not so much open borders, as no borders – at least, […]

Robert Stark interviews the Truth Will Live about why people become Leftist, Myers Briggs Personality Types & Sexual Morality

Robert Stark interviews the Truth Will Live about why people become Leftist, Myers Briggs Personality Types & Sexual Morality Topics include: Her Video Do Leftists Have Legitimate Grievances? in response to Richard Spencer’s interview Surviving The Global Monoculture How people often become leftist in response to a materialistic, bland, monolithic consumer culture […]

The populist sentiment fueling both the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump campaigns

What can the Pan-Secessionist Meta-Party using the “Liberty and Populism” strategy learn from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? By Kathleen Hennessey Los Angeles Times Billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who denounces the “billionaire class,” are political opposites united in their outsider […]

News Digest August 14, 2015

Ron Paul Endorses Rand Paul for President (Well, Duh?) by Nick Gillespie Bernie Sanders Troubling History of Supporting U.S. Imperialism by Michael Arria Democrats Talking About Having Al Gore Run for President Again Reuters Jeb Bush Says Iraq War was a Good Deal by Daniel Larison So What […]

Keith Preston to Speak at the National Policy Institute

Register on the National Policy Institute website. Kevin MacDonald GUILLAUME FAYE JACK DONOVAN R.N. Taylor Roman Bernard Keith Preston Richard Spencer Michael Hill BECOME WHO WE ARE ARE is an all-day, one-track conference on Saturday, October 31, 2015, taking place at The National Press Club in Washington, DC. It features presentations, discussions, lunch and […]

Cost, Aggression, and Access to the Land

By William Schnack Evolution of Consent In this essay, I intend on demonstrating the complementarity between the cost-principle (as used by mutualists), rent-sharing (as displayed by the Georgists), and the principle of non-aggression (as used by the voluntaryists). I will also demonstrate why geo-mutualism is a better way […]

News Digest August 7, 2015

What Happened When the Anarchists Moved In by Brian Rinker US Allows Ally Turkey to Bomb Only Group Effectively Fighting ISIS by Naji Dahi Turkey Denies Entry to Bodies of YPG Fighters Killed Fighting ISIS by John Beck Why Bernie Sanders is a Dead End by Joshua Frank […]