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News Update July 16, 2015

New Podcast from the Libertarian Alliance: ATS Contributors Eric Field, Keir Martland and Keith Preston Discussion Early American History Listen here.

Every Person Killed by American Police During the Month of June by Lou Colagiovanni

Surveillance Video Shows Cops Murdered Native American Man and Lied About It Countercurrents News

Obama Issues a Defense of the Iran Nuclear Deal by Inae Oh

The Left is Turning Away from the European Union by Mustela Nivalis

$358,000 Raised for Bakery Fined $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Gay Wedding Cake by Barbara Boland

Two Cheers for the Iran Agreement by Sheldon Richman

25 Signs That the Global Elite’s Ship is About to Sink The Mind Unleashed

Tanisha Anderson Was Literally Praying as Cops Held Her Down and Killed Her Countercurrents News

GOP Contenders Embrace Criminal Justice Reform by Jonathan Easley

Poll Says U.S. Voters Ready for a Female President by Connor Gaffey

Cops Enter Home of Naked Woman, Arrest and Assault Her by Matt Agorist

Trump Leads GOP Field But Trails Hillary by a Huge Margin by Matt Wilstein

Mint Press News's photo.

Former Obamacare Chief to Lead Insurance Lobby by Paige Winfield Cunningham

Magic Mushrooms “Less Harmful Than Thought” and Should be Reclassified by Chaos Dynamics

Obama Credits Rand Paul About Being Right About Prison Reform by Fred Lucas

Judge Orders Cop to Return $167,000 Taken from Man for “Driving Too Slow” Countercurrent News

Protests in Denver After Video of Shooting Says Cops Lied by Kelly W. Patterson

Teenagers Using Less Marijuana in the Age of Legalization by Chris Goldstein

D.C. Legislators Want to Brand Students As Rapists Even if They’re Never Convicted by Robby Soave

Student Expelled for Calling Former Girlfriend a “Psycho Bitch” on Twitter by Robby Soave

Murder Rates Drops As Concealed Carry Permits Soar by Kellan Howell

Greece Stands Humiliated at the Hands of Neoliberal Fanatics by Nick Dearborn

The End of the Eurozone by Cedric Durand

SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Man’s Home to Catch Shoplifter by Chris Voluntaryist

The Health Costs of Upward Mobility by James Hamblin

Is Anarcho-Capitalism Possible? by Good German

Police and Protestors Clash at Anti-Austerity Rally in Greece: Tear Gas and Molotovs Fly by Jennifer Baker

Pentagon Mulls Ending Ban on Transgender Soldiers by Harry Bruinius

10 Ways Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Are the Same Presidential Candidate by Jake Anderson

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