New Book from Rothbardian Author Keir Martland

Libertarian Alliance

Liberty from a Beginner: Selected Essays

By Keir Martland

Foreword by Sean Gabb

“[these essays] break out of the dead end that British libertarianism – and much American – has found itself in since about 1980.” – Dr. Sean Gabb (Libertarian Alliance)

“Keir Martland provides a perspective COVERthat synthesizes Rothbardian libertarianism with cultural traditionalism to offer insights that are as penetrating as they are rare.” – Keith Preston (Attack the System)

Libertarianism is in a dead end. All too often, libertarians focus on cuts in the top rate of income tax, deregulation of the banking sector, and welfare reform. These policies are all well and good, but if a real libertarian government comes to power in the United Kingdom, they would not be on the top of the agenda. We have lost touch with reality. We have lost our way.

Libertarians need to re-examine many of their stances and ask whether they are the right thing for 21st century Britain. Much of the time, this is not the case. For example, the policy of open borders is not only unpopular, but is also theoretically flawed as well as at the root of many of Britain’s current social problems.

Libertarianism’s cultural framework has become a blend of moral relativism, egalitarianism, modernism and libertinism with the modal libertarian often conflating legality with morality.

Not only this, but libertarians don’t understand history. In the great historical struggle between the Whigs and the Tories, libertarians take the side of the former and not the latter. An in-depth and revisionist look at our country’s history will show this to be nothing short of utter folly!

In this year of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, we seem to have been taken in by the Whig Interpretation of History, so decisively refuted by Butterfield decades ago.

This short book aims to provide a very basic introduction to a libertarian approach to issues which are often neglected by many contemporary libertarians themselves.

About the Author

Keir Martland has been Director of Youth Affairs for the educational charity the Libertarian Alliance since August 2014. He is also an A-level student in the north of England.

He has been writing for various libertarian blogs since 2012 and his writings appear on sites including The Libertarian Enterprise, Mises Hispano, and Attack the System. Keir is a former Conservative Future Secretary and for much of 2013, he was an Editor of the webzine The Libertarian. He is a keen public speaker and debater and in 2014 he addressed the annual conference of the Traditional Britain Group. Keir is also responsible for the Libertarian Alliance’s podcast.

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