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Singapore Teen Arrested For Video Criticizing Former PM Lee Kuan Yew

Let this be a lesson to those “libertarians” who praise fascist Singapore as some kind of “free market” paradise because of its friendliness to Western business interests. This kid is a hero.

A 17-year-old Singapore resident has been arrested for criticizing the recently deceased PM Lee Kuan Yew and the extreme income inequality in Singapore. The teen, who’s been identified as Amos Yee, was apparently taken into custody after posting a YouTube video of his thoughts about the death of longtime authoritarian leader Lee Kuan Yew.

YouTube blogger Amos Yee uploaded the eight-minute video, called ‘Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!’ on 27 March.  Amos Yee begins his video with “Why hasn’t anyone said fuck yeah the guy is dead, Lee Kuan Yew was a horrible person, because everyone is scared, that if they say something like that, they might get into trouble.” Amos Yee continues “give Lee Kuan Yew credit that was primarily the impact of his ‘legacy’.”

The arrest came on Sunday as Singapore held a state funeral for Mr. Lee that was attended by world leaders and dignitaries. Mr. Yee was also accused of posting obscene material on his Facebook page and blog, according to local news reports.

Amos Yee went on in the video to highlight the extreme income inequality in Singapore and the lack of knowledge Singaporeans have about where all the money of one of the richest nations goes.

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  1. Singapore is about the closest thing to a privatized state, ie the PAP and elite have both incentive, equity and control over much of the property. Given that, this kid is just a lippy apartment resident, trying to agitate for egalitarian bullshit one his mother’s dime on someone else’s property. I am not saying I think Singapore ‘should’ go around trawling youtube for hatespeech, but it’s understandable that they do. Apparently you never read the part in “Democracy” by Hoppe where he talks about kicking out all the commie scum. Go starve in the desert, you freaks.

    • Now this would be different if it were a giant country with vast open spaces and highly disputed property claims, but it is not. Singapore is a city and, if it is not privately owned, it ought to be.

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