The Growing Axis of Dissent

This is a conversation between Abby Martin of Russia Today and Tyler Ventura that discusses some of the growing axis of dissent that I referred to in the previous post.

The question is whether or not this growing axis of dissent will eventually replace the reactionary right and the reactionary left as the next wave of radicalism. The future of the far right looks bleak as it is swimming against all of the prevailing cultural, demographic, generational, economic, and political tides. The far left in its present therapeutic-managerial totalitarian humanist form is a rising force that is being co-opted by the ruling class.

Will this growing axis of dissent emerge as a viable third force, and perhaps in a way that overlaps with the growth of the Grey Tribe?

In this video, Tyler Ventura defends conspiracy culture against Rachel Maddow, Democratic Party mouthpiece and a propagandist for the left-wing of capitalism.

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