Month: January 2015

Ideology Is Not a Thing

A discussion of the views of Michael Enoch, Greg Johnson, and myself on “Cultural Marxism.” By Duns Scotus Alternative Right by Duns Scotus Recently there has been some discussion about this thing called “Cultural Marxism,” and whether–or how–it exists or not. The discussion began with an article by […]

Panarchist Party, U.S.A.

An interesting proposal from Joe Kopsick. See more here. This is very similar to the concept of a pan-secessionist meta-party that I wrote about in “Liberty and Populism” and that Ryan Faulk has previously suggested with his concept of an “All Nations Party.” As far as pan-anarchist/pan-secessionist involvement […]

Anarchism 101

These are some comments I recently posted in a social media forum concerning the basics of anarchist theory, and why it is important and helpful. From my readings of the classical anarchist theorists, I don’t know that any of them literally believed in a society with no social […]

The Great Iran Debate

By Justin Raimondo Antiwar.Com The stage is set, the actors have committed their lines to memory, and the curtain is now rising: the Great Iran Debate is on! It’s a war story, as so many of our national narratives are these days, one pitting the President of the […]

The Cultural Marxist Hypothesis

By Michael Enoch Libertarian Alliance RightStuff.Biz It seems rather odd in this day and age to deny the existence of Cultural Marxism as an intellectual movement. But it seems that this meme has been gaining traction lately on the left. It was recently the subject of a rather […]

Same Wine, Different Bottle

“The historical record is pretty clear that during the medieval period and even later Protestants, Catholics, and Muslims all engaged in fairly extensive persecutions of their sectarian opponents. In fact, the same thing still happens today in states where religion and politics have not been separated. Much of […]

The State of the Culture War and the Class War

Neoliberalism and totalitarian humanism converge. “Feminism: Originally a necessary and progressive movement. Today it’s a crowd of attention-starved, hysterical totalitarians masking themselves as progressives, and whose continued screaming existence shows that the movement has destroyed itself with its success. Multiculturalism: All dandy, as long as it is not […]

On The Fourth Political Theory

By Batidan Bantu Alexander Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory is a highly-inventive and relevant work; its renouncement of Liberalism and, more importantly, its advocacy of a new syncretic framework –a fourth political theory to challenge the premises of liberalism, fascism, and communism– is nothing short of radical. However, […]

Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Public opinion polls consistently indicate that roughly 1 in 4 Americans, approximately 75-80 million people, are currently sympathetic to secession by their locality or region. The obvious implication of this for those of us who are advocates of pan-secessionism is that we do not need to go out […]

Serpico: I Almost Died for Exposing Police Corruption — Cops Lack Legitimacy and They Must Gain it Back

By Frank Serpico Alternet In 1971, shortly after exposing widespread, even systemic corruption amounting to millions of dollars in bribes and illegitimate relationships between the New York Police Department and criminals citywide, I was shot point-blank by a dealer during a buy-and-bust drug operation. My backup team failed […]

Mass Outreach Project to Introduce Anarchist Ideas to General Public

AnarchistAgency.Com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 15, 2015 CONTACT: Mass Outreach Project to Introduce Anarchist Ideas to General Public CrimethInc. Publishes Free Primer in 20 Languages WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Thursday, January 15, the underground publishing group CrimethInc. launched To Change Everything, a multimedia outreach project intended to […]

Libertarian Opposes Secession

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the growth of pan-secessionism will definitely create some interesting dividing lines. The question of secession is my litmus test. I believe it is what separates true radicals from non-radicals (at least in the USA). The bottom line is that there are […]

Schools of Economic Thought

The Wikipedia entry on the different schools of economic thought gives a pretty good overview of all of these different methods of economic analysis. Many of the various hyphenated forms of anarchism and libertarianism involve sectarian differences between proponents of different economic theories and proposed alternative economic arrangements. […]

The City-States of America

By Samuel Arbesman We do not really think much about city-states anymore. With the exceptions of such places as Singapore and Hong Kong, the term “city-state” often conjures up the image of Athens or Sparta. However, through a bit of number-crunching of data from the United States Census, […]

Time to Entertain Secession?

Triad Conservative Last month, a highly publicized vote took place in Scotland to decide whether to secede from the United Kingdom.  This vote resulted in some sentiments being exposed in the United States that are also sympathetic to the concept of secession. Newsmax first reported that there is […]

Southern states ‘dumbing down’ country, should secede, secretive progressive journalist group members say

It is somewhat difficult to understand why more liberals, leftists, and progressives do not take this eminently sensible and self-interested position. EagNews.Org WASHINGTON, D.C. – The nation would be better off if Southern states seceded from the union, and Republicans pushing for right-to-work, voter ID laws and other […]

Stormin’ Norman, Decentralist

Norman Mailer’s decentralized, left-conservatism is a lot like what the electoral wing of the ARV-ATS program would be. We need to cultivate an alliance of third parties (and perhaps some maverick Democrats and Republicans) who will begin pursing the Mailer model and strategy in cities all across the […]

No, It’s Not

Fascism is an ideology of statism, imperialism, militarism, totalitarianism, and the cult of leadership. The Wikipedia entry on fascism is actually pretty accurate. Fascism is the polar opposite of anarchism, antithetical to everything ATS is about, and something to be guarded against. That said, the vulgar Marxist interpretation […]

Anarchism by Branch

Good introductory overview. The Basics of Philosophy Introduction Back to Top Anarchism is the political philosophy which rejects (and supports the elimination of ) compulsory government or compulsory rule, and holds that society can (and should) be organized without a coercive state. This may, or may not, involve […]

Imprisoned Member of Philadelphia Radical Group MOVE Dies

R.I.P. Phil Africa. Heroic resistance fighter against state repression. ABCNew.Go.Com Free Thought Project Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – According to Ramona Africa, a representative for the MOVE 9, Phil Africa, the organization’s First Minister of Defense, passed away in prison under suspicious circumstances this week.Phil was a legendary activist and political prisoner, […]

France Declares War on Islam

By John Robb Global Guerrillas “It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity… There needs to be a firm message about the values of the republic and of secularism.”  French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Based on […]