Keith Preston on the Left and the State

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Keith Preston on the Left and the State

December 29, 2014

Keith Preston discusses the relationship between the Left and the State in a lecture to the H.L. Mencken Club.

Topics include:

-The Left as a form of moralistic zealotry.

-The similarities between the authoritarianism leftism and theocracy.

-The defining characteristics of the leftist mindset.

-Leftist views on the legitimacy of the state.

-Progressive and Marxist views of the state.

-The evolution of leftist thinking over time.

-The Left and therapeutic culture.

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  1. The tone of this lecture is abysmal – patronizing and condescending in a most derogatory way. Entirely unsuited to a mature civil academic. And the ‘left’ and ‘leftists’ are indiscriminately ‘lumped’ together – as though there are no significant differences among those whom Mr Preston simply rubbishes as, ‘evidently’, entirely mistaken if not in fact plain stupid ignorant individuals.

    A truly disgusting presentation.

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