Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston on the City-State System

Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston on the City-State System


Keith’s article The Case for the City-State System

The core issues that political dissidents agree upon

How to address the divisive social wedge issues

How Pan Secessionism and the City-State System addresses those issues

Ron Paul’s statement that secessionism could lead to theocratic or fascistic states

The back to the Constitution mentality and Traditional Patriotism and how those ideas are not politically viable

The State’s Rights Movement

How the system is a managerial corporate plutocracy

The theory of liberal democracy

The role that ethnic divides will play

The role that economics and income inequality will play

El Salvador – A War by Proxy: Keith Preston

How problems are best solved by the people closest to them

The growing popularity of secessionism

How the City-State System would be implemented and how the focus now should be meta politics

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  1. What in the hell it is it with the interviews on Stark’s website? Buzzing, skipping, echos, dropouts: just unlistenable. If it’s not my computer causing the problem (and as far as I can tell, it’s not), Stark needs to get his technical act together before he wastes his and the interviewer’s time doing or uploading one more interview. These are interviews that are worth listening to but as they’re recorded and uploaded now they’re nothing but junk.

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