Month: December 2014


The Heritage Foundation Overcriminalization describes the trend to use the criminal law rather than the civil law to solve every problem, to punish every mistake, and to compel compliance with regulatory objectives.  Criminal law should be used only if a person intentionally flouts the law or engages in […]

The Fate of Empires

By Professor Steven Yates “Frannie,” he said, and turned her around so he could look into her eyes. “What, Stuart?” “Do you think… do you think people ever learn anything?” She opened her mouth to speak, hesitated, fell silent. The kerosene lamp flickered. Her eyes seemed very […]

Militarized Humanitarianism Meets Carceral Feminism: The Politics of Sex, Rights, and Freedom in Contemporary Antitrafficking Campaigns

The religious right and the PC left united against sex worker rights. By Elizabeth Berstein During a blustery New York City winter in the final weeks of 2008,two very different cinematic events focused on the politics of gender,sexuality, and human rights stood out for their symmetry. The first […]

Eric Garner, American Occupation, and the Decline of Empire

By Danny Haiphong FilmsforAction.Org The nascent movement against racist police brutality in the US received a boost of energy from the non-indictment of Eric Garner’s murderers in blue. Thousands filled the streets from New York City to Berkeley, California to protest racist injustice and declare #BlackLivesMatter. In typical fashion, the militarized police and mass incarceration state responded […]

Why Did They Torture?

By Justin Raimondo Antiwar.Com The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on how the US government tortured detainees at Guantanamo and at secret “black sites” all over the world has focused on how they did it: rectal feeding, hanging detainees by their arms, “stress positions,” beatings, etc. The prurience of […]

The Road to Turkdom

By John Robb Global Guerrillas It should be clear to everyone that the economic and political system that replaced feudal agriculture is starting to fall apart. It’s also pretty clear we need a new system, one that can operate at a global scale and fully embrace the potential […]

The Mafia with a Flag

The State is the mafia with a flag. Why does the mafia exist? To control territory, monopolize resources, enrich and protect an artificially privileged elite, exploit subjects, and expand its own realm of power and domination. When a gang’s territory is threatened, it responds with extreme violence. How […]

Abandoned by the Left

What I’ve been saying all along. The money quote: “The current trends in America, Wall Street getting richer, everyone else getting poorer, politicians of both parties feeding brazenly at Wall Street’s trough, the party of the Left in full blown attack gear not on inequality, which it has […]

Rough Justice

Good article from 2010 about over criminalization in the US. The Economist IN 2000 four Americans were charged with importing lobster tails in plastic bags rather than cardboard boxes, in violation of a Honduran regulation that Honduras no longer enforces. They had fallen foul of the Lacey Act, […]

Shooting the Wounded

I used to think the primary obstacle to the victory of pan-secessionist/fourth generation forces in the U.S. would be America’s massive military-industrial complex. However, the more conversations I have with actual military personnel and the more I observe trends in the military, the less I am convinced of […]

Let’s not kid ourselves: Most Americans are fine with torture, even when you call it “torture”

No surprise here. People are tribal by nature. Most people’s reaction is that “they” (terrorists) did something awful to “us” (Americans). so whatever we do to them is justified. By Christopher Ingraham Washington Post The Senate Intelligence Committee’s five-year investigation into the CIA’s torture of suspected terrorists just […]

The Pan-Anarchist 12-Step Program

1. Continue to attack all mainstream institutions across the board, until all of the system’s institutions have a single digit approval rating, just as Congress presently does. 2. Continue all dissident movements everywhere, and grow these to the point that they collectively become a majority, and then a […]

Torture Is Also Big Government

Stating the obvious. By W. James Antle III The American Conservative Justin Norman/Flickr Many conservatives weren’t happy with the release of the Senate CIA torture report. They described its release as reckless endangerment at worst, an attempt to distract from the House’s Jonathan Gruber hearings at best. But […]

Steel Anarchism

Accepting Ignorance he first thing to understand that the only true anarchism is a flavour of anarcho-capitalism. This is anarchy fully steelmanned, logicked forward until it could be logicked no more. (This is philosophical anarchism, not bomb-things anarchism. Philosophical anarchism is recognizing each dire ape as responsible to […]

The Problem With Political Correctness

A good critique of PC from a liberal perspective. The money quote: “While the original intent of political correctness may have been good (to encourage tact and sensitivity to others’ feelings around issues of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and such), the effect of political correctness […]

The Right Moves Left on Crime

It’s interesting seeing these conservative luminaries taking positions on criminal justice that would have been considered moderate-liberal or even left-liberal twenty years ago. I certainly never thought I would see this. The winds of change are starting to blow. RightonCrime.Com As members of the nation’s conservative movement, we […]