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Antifa and Neocons Unite!

Try Not to Vomit  remember when ANTIFA was statist and Anti-israel? Pepperridge Farm remembers
I have long suspected that “left-wing” totalitarian humanism would eventually bend into “right-wing”  neoconservatism.
After all, the neoconservatives were originally liberals or leftists (often very far leftists) who moved rightward and became “pro-American.” They did so on, first, social democratic and Trotskyist anti-Soviet  grounds, and then, after the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars, on “pro-Israel” grounds.
The two primary figures associated with the formation of neoconservatism were Irving Kristol, a former Trotskyist, and Norman Podhoretz, an early New Leftist in the 1950s and early 1960s. Then there’s the odyssey of Christopher Hitchens, a former Trotskyist turned neocon who called for bombing Afghanistan “out of the stone age.”
Also, notice the favorable views that leading neocons have expressed concerning Madame Hillary.
The more powerful the cultural Left becomes in the U.S. the more we will see the hard left calling for the use of U.S. military power to wipe out allegedly “reactionary” states and cultures around the world.

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  1. They were never any different anyway. They are both Jewish in origin and pro-Israel in outlook. They are also both hypocritcally multicultural in the unfortunate diaspora nations they come to afflict. The only differences between Leftism (Atheistic Marxism) and Neo-conservatism (Christian couched Marxism) are the focus on domestic and foreign agendas, and the false dichotomy of Capitalist vs. Communist economics.

  2. The sort of Antifa and Anarcho-Communists/Communists in the Pacific Northwest that I know or am familiar with would likely side with the Palestinians over Israel. Out this way there is a lot of sympathy for indigenous populations under attack by the state. The situation in the middle east can be translated into a similar situation, with the Israeli state attacking an indigenous population, the Palestinians. Of course, that’s a crude corollary.

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