Month: November 2014

The Cat is Out of the Bag

By Keith Preston For an opposing perspective, see this article by Joseph Nye. For an article that makes comparable arguments, see this piece in Foreign Policy by Gideon Rachman. When the future history of the former United States of America is written, the pivotal turning point that likely […]

Antifa and Neocons Unite!

I have long suspected that “left-wing” totalitarian humanism would eventually bend into “right-wing”  neoconservatism. After all, the neoconservatives were originally liberals or leftists (often very far leftists) who moved rightward and became “pro-American.” They did so on, first, social democratic and Trotskyist anti-Soviet  grounds, and then, after the […]

The State: Its Rise and Decline

Read this classic lecture from 2000 by Professor Van Creveld, and then read my “Philosophical Anarchism and the Death of Empire” from 2003. Van Creveld’s lecture describes the emerging world order, and my essay outlines a new paradigm for the “worldwide Grey Tribe” as it might be called. […]

The Rise of the Grey Tribe

Right now, the most important thing that anarchists, libertarians, anti-state radicals, decentralists, anti-authoritarians, paleos, communitarians, and allied others can be doing is growing the Grey Tribe as a third force in U.S. politics beyond the Red Tribe/Blue Tribe dichotomy. Read the blog post below and then read Scott […]

The Military-Industrial Candidate

By Kelley Vlahos The American Conservative Frontpage / Analysts were right to say that the Republican takeover of Congress bodes well for the war machine: already we see the levers of power slowly shifting in reverse, eager to get back to salad days of post-9/11 wartime spending. […]

How Racist Are White Nationalists?

White nationalists, what say you? By Robert Lindsay Negrofication Magnification Ratios said: Very few white supremacists actually exist. The reality is that most so called white supremacists are in fact white separatists. They are wrongly labeled. The vast majority are simply interested in living in a white state. […]

Is the Nation State Obsolete?

By Chuck Spinney The Blaster Introduction to the Changing Face of War Uri Avnery’s thoughtful essay Scotland on the Euphrates questions the future viability of the nation-state as a form of social organization.  His concerns are not new, although as Avnery noted, recent events certainly make them more believable — […]

Imperialist feminism and liberalism

A must read. By Deepa Kumar Open Democracy Colonial feminism is based on the appropriation of women’s rights in the service of empire and has been widely utilised in justifying aggression in the Middle East. But is it liberal? In a recent CNN interview, religion scholar Reza Aslan […]

Towards a Redefinition of Nationalism

Not bad. It looks like someone has been reading ATS. I certainly hope the Alternative Right/Neo-Reactionary/Dark Enlightenment evolves in this direction. I noticed in the comments threads at Radix that some of the fascists and white supremacists aren’t too happy with this piece, lol. By Batu Caliskan Radix […]

The True Global Minority

It should be remembered that most of the world’s nations and cultures are exceedingly conservative when compared with the West. This is a fact that will have to be recognized during the course of building a global resistance to the international plutocracy and the American empire. By Bay […]

The GOP: Party of War and Plutocracy

By Daniel McCarthy The American Conservative Constantine Pankin / Tuesday’s Republican tide wasn’t surprising, but there’s more to be said about it than just the obvious. The obvious is that this class of Senate seats was last up in 2008, a presidential year that was the high-water […]


Imagine in the year 2044 a poll is taken showing the following results: 10% of Americans consider themselves to be anarchists. 20% consider themselves to be “hard-core” libertarians. 20% consider themselves to be “moderate” libertarians. 20% consider themselves to be “libertarian-leaning.” 55% say that would prefer decentralizing the […]

Millennial Libertarians Are Diverse

By Emily Ekins Reason.Com Handsraised Yesterday, Rachel Burger at Townhall made the case that “Libertarianism isn’t confined to Caucasians anymore.” Data from both the Pew Research Center and the Reason-Rupe poll bolster her thesis, particularly among younger people. Pew finds that roughly equal numbers of white (12%) and Hispanic Americans (11%) say the term […]