Month: October 2014

Celebrity Left Twitter is “a Thing”

By Rachel Haywire I first came across the term “Celebrity Left Twitter” when I realized I had the same enemies as a bunch of communists. My initial reaction was disgust, being that communism epitomizes a collectivist mentality that seeks to downgrade the individual to the lowest base denominator. […]

Some Problems with Secession

It’s always a good plan to consider weaknesses in one’s own position. By Daniel McCarthy The American Conservative Rich Koele / Ron Paul has stirred a media buzz by praising Scotland’s secession effort—an effort the Scots themselves rejected. Dr. Paul’s views are shared by many libertarians and […]

Was the American Revolution Secessionist?

Daniel McCarthy tells what is basically the truth about America’s founding. It was led by continental imperialists who resented the British for getting in the way of their own expansionist designs on the Indian lands. Leftist historians like Howard Zinn have long pointed this out. By Daniel McCarthy […]

October 24 Free Nations Day

We at AttacktheSystem.Com are working on the possibility of an online event for October 24 in honor of Free Nations Day, an annual event some of our colleagues began a couple of years ago as a counter to United Nations Day. Anyone who is involved with secessionist, independence, […]