From the IWW to Genderqueer – the Transformation of the Left from Class War to Culture War

If you want to know what U.S. politics will look like a few decades from now, perhaps much sooner, imagine a U.S. election with the present day bourgeois technocratic “progressives” of the Democratic Party representing “conservatism,” and the “cultural Marxist” freak show representing “liberalism,” and there you have it. Most of my work has been about developing a new radicalism that’s to the left of the left of the left. If the Democratic Party represents the center-left, and “cultural Marxism” represents the hard left, then to the left of that would be tendencies like ATS and N-AM. We are to “cultural Marxism” what Maoism is to social democracy.

I tell you, this Robert Lindsay is really on it.

By Robert Lindsay

Liberal Republican Party: Corporatism, neoliberalism, imperial foreign policy and an emphasis on the upper classes combined with cutting edge Cultural Left and Identity Politics, some environmentalism and a generally more sane and sober view of things. Some gays, Blacks or Hispanics who wants to wallow in their identity and stick it to the workers and the poor quite happily join this party. Neoliberalism + genderqueer. What could go wrong? Obviously from a progressive point of view, this is nearly worthless, as the Left is about economics, not the accommodation of every weirdo, freak or dysfunctional minority who comes down the pike.


The Conservative Republican Party: Corporatism and neoliberalism, albeit in a much stronger form than the Liberal Republicans push, a radical near-Libertarian out and out dismantling of government, combined with the usual rightwing nuttery such as ludicrous paranoia of Communism, socialism and the economic Left, crazy conspiracy theory, exaggeration, lies, constant propaganda, racist dog whistles for bigoted White people, homophobia, misogyny and sexism, puritanism, Fundamentalist Christianity, jingoism, xenophobia, paranoia and hatred of the state itself.

A wildly imperial neoconservative and even openly neocolonialist foreign policy, the celebration of inequality, authoritarianism and police state tendencies strangely combined with a bizarre fetish with arming ordinary citizens as if they were the an official army. Sheer contempt for workers and a warlike attitude towards labor unions. Hostility to consumers and contempt for environmentalism, a destructive attitude towards Gaia and our fellow creatures, a celebration of pollution in every form and even apocalyptic manipulation of the Earth’s very climate itself. A head in the sand attitude towards the future and a focus on immediate profits at the expense of all long-term goals.

A general backwards, retrogressive and Medieval tone and even a celebration of a primitive, Neanderthal-like mindset. An all out class war designed to immiserate the working, lower and even middle classes and transfer their wealth and income upwards to the upper middle and upper classes. A celebration of the market over all other human values to the point where it is the very reason for existence itself.


Obviously there is nothing for any sane human being to like in the latter, but if you differ with the Cultural Marxist lunacy, idiocy and even depravity of the freak show called Cultural Marxism, you are cast out of the Democratic Party and thrown in with the Republican lions to be eaten in the Coliseum.

Or to put it another way:

The Democrats are corporatism and neoliberalism with Cultural Marxism.

The Republicans are corporatism and neoliberalism minus Cultural Marxism.

Not a lot for the sane and decent to choose.

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  1. I live in San Francisco, where elections already are between technocratic Democrats and cultural Marxists, but I don’t think the whole United States will be like that any time soon.

  2. The West Coast is normally the bellwether for the rest of the USA, so the technocrats/cultural Marxists dichotomy will probably come to define US politics in a few decades.

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