Month: August 2014

Democracy: The Hanging Judge

My Takimag debut. The responses pretty much reinforce what I said in the piece about the demos. I noticed a fair few mentions of the phrase “death penalty” from UK news outlets last fortnight; little surprise, given that the antepenultimate Wednesday marked the half-century since this Sceptered Isle’s […]

The Limitations of “System Libertarianism”

These two guys, who headed the Libertarian Party ticket in 2012, are perfect illustrations of what I call “system libertarians.” By “system libertarians,” I don’t mean “right-opportunists” who are simply trying to hijack libertarianism towards other ends like Rand Paul, Bob Barr, the Kochs, etc. By all accounts, […]

Why taxation should be voluntary

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Random Meanderings The Republicans and the Democrats disagree about the role that the government should play in providing social services. The former insist that it should be smaller and intervene less in the economy. In contradistinction, the latter maintain that the public interest would be […]

In Defense of Gavin McInnes

By Justine Tunney Last week, Gavin McInnes, CCO of Rooster and co-founder of VICE, was forced to take an indefinite leave of absence (a.k.a. getting fired) for posting an offensive article in Thought Catalog titled, “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural”. In this article, he argues that transgender men and […]

Our Enemy, the State

The quote below from Robert Higgs reminds us of why it is the state that is the enemy of all mankind. Regrettably, the Left focuses all of its attention on alleged oppression, whether real or imaginary, sponsored by all sorts of Isms, Archies, and Phobias. Yes, class exploitation […]

Land of the Reiching Sun? A Conflict Without Heroes

From the Inferno. _____________ A few days back, I had the displeasure of reading a clickbait “article”, on the misleadingly named Dangerous Minds blog, concerning the Far Eastern fondness for Nazi aesthetics. I made the mistake of thinking I’d get something momentarily interesting out of doing so, only […]

2014 H.L. Mencken Club Conference

Come hear Keith Preston, Sean Gabb, Paul Gottfried, and others speaks at the HLMC in Baltimore this year! Find out more about the HLMC here. The Seventh Annual H.L. Mencken Club Conference The Left October 31st – November 2nd, 2014   Friday, October 31st 5:00-7:00 PM – Registration 7:00-10:00 […]