Month: April 2014

ATS Makes the Subversive All-Star Team

Read for yourself. In addition to NATA-NY, another “bridging” group between White Nationalists and libertarians is Attack the System (ATS). It is the brainchild of Keith Preston, who decades ago was involved in left-wing anarchist groups. Now he advocates “pan-secessionism,” which hopes to create a Left-Right alliance of […]

Could America Become Mississippi?

By Jamelle Bouie Salon.Com   The racial polarization of the recent elections—where the large majority of whites voted for Republicans, and majority of minorities voted for Democrats—could continue for decades. Does a dramatic change in your social environment make you more conservative, and if so, what kind of […]

The Next America

By Paul Taylor Pew Research Center Demographic transformations are dramas in slow motion. America is in the midst of two right now. Our population is becoming majority non-white at the same time a record share is going gray. Each of these shifts would by itself be the defining […]

Putin’s Libertarians

Yet another libertarian perspective on the Russia/Ukraine/Crimea situation. By Roman Skaskiw The Daily Anarchist Last August, I met former Belarusian Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk at a libertarian conference near Lviv, Ukraine. He was somewhat of a Ron Paul figure, a businessman-turned-politician advocating radical free market reforms in Belarus. […]

A Panarchist Perspective on Privilege

By MK Lords Subtitled: Privilege Checking is Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, and Useless Privilege exists in this country. There are people who wear fancy suits, nice boots, and black dresses who are given immunity for heinous crimes no one else would get away with. They pass laws restricting commerce […]

Libertarianism: No Threat to the Ruling Class

In what way does the actually existing libertarian movement, anarchist or otherwise, threaten the existing political order? If anything, the libertarian movement is a microcosm of the wider society. There are the “right-libertarians” who extol the virtues of capitalism, Christianity, and the American way (kind of like, you […]

Pope Francis Needs Distributism

By Arthur W. Hunt III The American Conservative giulio napolitano / Late last year, when Pope Francis issued his first apostolic exhortation, “Evangelii Gaudium,” much more was made of his utterances on economics and what he branded a globalization of indifference than his vision of evangelism for […]

Whose side are you on?

“It’s always funny when people jump the gun and assume I’m some sort of conspiracy theorist or something like this. I’m interested in that stuff because we have 20 million people in the US who believe the ruling class is trying to kill us. That’s kind of interesting. […]

Nestor Makhno: Ukraine’s Anarchist Cossack and the Battle for the Ukraine, 1917-1921

The Warfare Historian Nestor Makhno: Ukraine’s Anarchist Cossack and the Battle for the Ukraine, 1917-1921 Of the many violent and often grandiose and dramatic revolutionist/reactionary heroes and/or tyrants of the Russian Civil War 1917-1921, perhaps none is as controversial or infamous as the Ukrainian anarchist-peasant turned revolutionary guerrilla […]