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  1. Keith,

    Has anyone written a comparison of Kropotkin and Hans Herman-Hoppe? (Do you take requests?)

    Kropotkin and Hoppe, seem to be the two anarchists most fixated on using the Middle Ages as an example of a stateless order. Since you are all about bridging the left / right anarchist divide – thought you might be the person to ask. I know Hoppe was influenced by Max Weber’s book, “The City.” Max Weber was on the left. Hoppe cites Weber a lot, but I have not seen Hoppe cite Kropotkin anywhere.

    Speaking of AnCap plagiarism: Rothbard is quoted as saying Lao Tzu was the first Libertarian. Yet it was Kropotkin, not Rothbard, who first said that. (see Peter Marshall, “Demanding the Impossible.”)

    Research into the “pre-Westphalian order” continues with great interest in left and right anarchist circles, although left/right tends to ignore the scholarship of the other side.

    David D. Friedman’s “Legal Systems Very Different From Ours”, Bruce Benson’s “The Enterprise of Law” (from the right) — James C. Scott’s “Against The Grain” and “The Art of Not Being Governed” (from the left) are some examples.

    David D. Friedman and James C. Scott did do an event together at Yale. I saw the tape. It was awkward.

    After this funeral, Kropotkin’s daughter immigrated to the United States and became an activist for the Barry Goldwater campaign.
    It is a small world after all.

    • The left and right wings of anarchism overlap with each other in quite a few ways, obviously. An examination of the Hoppe/Kropotkin similarities would be interesting. I may have to make a mental note of that for a future time.

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