ATS Round Table: Community, Ethics, and the State 3

ATS Round Table
Community, Ethics, and the State

December 22, 2013

ATS contributors Todd Lewis, Vince Rinehart, Jeremy Weiland, and Keith Preston participate in a panel discussion on moral philosophy, social organization, and the state.

Topics include:

  • Methods of social organization in traditional religious and tribal communities prior to the rise of the modern state.
  • Varying approaches to social ethics and the underlying philosophical traditions.
  • The absence of community in the consumerist, technological, highly mobile societies of the present.
  • Contending views of human nature and the implications of these for social organization.

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  1. Some of of my favorite Christian apologists/philosophers are Peter Kreeft, William Lane Craig and Dinesh D’Souza, but non of those guys ever game me a very satisfactory political side, so I really appreciate Todd’s way of bringing pan-anarchism and Christianity together. I own a house in Orania, and it was very nice to hear him mention it too.

    There is also a very interesting Larken Rose video on the subject where he interviews Dann McCreary. I also like to listen to Ben Stone’s podcast (Bad Quaker).

    Keith Preston mentioned in one of his podcasts how the counter culture of the 60’s got absorbed into what is now the dominant paradigm in the western world (totalitarian humanism) and I really hope that what you guys are doing follow the same route, and pan anarchism with self determination for all will become the new dominant paradigm.

    It looks to me like everyone from Keith Preston, to Larken Rose, to Ben Stone, to Stefan Molyneux to Lew Rockwell etc etc is helping to do this.

    Thanks for what all you guys at Attack the System are doing and keep it up.

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