Attack the System: An Interview with Todd Lewis

Attack the System
An Interview with Todd Lewis

November 24, 2013

Keith Preston interviews Christian philosopher Todd Lewis.

Topics include:

  • Anti-state traditions within historic Christianity.
  • The essence of the Christian faith and the nature of an organic Christian community.
  • The Christian pacifist tradition of thinkers such as Leo Tolstoy and Dorothy Day.
  • The nature of freedom within the context of traditional Christian and historic Greek thought.
  • The relationship between freedom and ethics.
  • How the plutocratic elite helped to develop the 1960s counterculture.
  • How freedom is dependent on individual virtue, and how tyrants pacify their subjects with bread and circuses.
  • The obscure historical relationship between capitalism and communism.
  • The autarchist principles of Robert LeFevre.
  • The future of religion and spirituality in Western civilization.

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  1. Link to the comment about atheism having about a century run.

    “It is a great irony but evolution appears to discriminate against atheists and favour those with religious beliefs,” said Michael Blume, a researcher at the University of Jena in Germany who carried out the study. “Most societies or communities that have espoused atheistic beliefs have not survived more than a century.”

    Blume concludes with this remarkable statement:

    “He added: “As a childless gay atheist I suspect my own genes have a very mortal future ahead. But for any godless hetero-couples reading this, toss your contraceptives and get busy in the bedroom. Either that or, perish the thought, God isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

  2. Mr. Lewis, I very much enjoyed hearing about your philosophy, and I’m grateful to Keith for affording you the time to expound upon it.

    I was really hoping you two would get into the particulars of the articles that motivated this podcast, though, and I hope those issues will be addressed in a future podcast. Some of the back-and-forth occurring via articles had seemed to feature some talking past one another, and I’d be thrilled to see you guys verbally cut through some of that.

  3. Thanks for your kind words Jeremy, I to would like to dig deeper into the particulars of my articles and Mr. Preston’s earlier podcast response that motivated this current podcast, but time constraints limited what could and could not be done.

  4. Some of your thoughts on what defines a “Christian State” are not unlike the concept of a “Tribal Nation” in some indigenous circles. I view a true Tribal Nation as a collection of inter related clans, bands and families that share a common identity, language and way of life. That seems very similar to a collection of churches and families that share a common faith. Two culturally different expressions of the same organic form of community.

  5. Vince, I was thinking the same thing. Aristotle has a such a great way of classifying social units of organization that seem to hold through time and space.

  6. Keith, I really enjoy your pod-casts, they’re always very informative and fascinating. I’ve recently found myself with some additional free time and I’ve been re-listening to a lot of your past ones.

    However, I was wondering whether it would it be possible for you to interview Troy Southgate sometime? I’ve read a few print interviews with him over the years, but I’ve never actually heard of any radio/pod-cast interviews he’s done. He’s had an interesting life and he’s known many people within radical political circles (mainly in Europe) for over 25 years, and considering he’s essentially been the most influential National Anarchist in the English speaking world, it would seem to make sense to try to get an interview, or even better, a series of interviews with him.

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