Oath Keepers Forming Militia Cells to Prepare for Triggered Collapse 1


These are perhaps the most interesting times in the United States since the Civil War. After President Obama’s re-election in 2012, residents from every state petitioned for secession, with the movement garnering significant traction in at least seven states. And, a growing number of whistleblowers have risked their own freedom, most notably Edward Snowden, to expose government abuses.


Over 10% of US largest firms pay no tax 1


One in nine companies listed on the S&P 500 paid an effective tax rate of zero percent over the past year.

Among companies listed on the S&P 500, almost one in nine paid an effective tax rate of zero percent – or even lower – over the past year, according to an analysis by USA Today.

There are 57 separate companies listed on the index that paid a zero percent rate from the past year. Those companies include both household names like Verizon and News Corp. and lesser-known corporate giants like the data storage manufacturer Seagate (market value $15.9 billion) and Public Storage (market value $29.5 billion). Many of the companies USA Today identified in its analysis as paying negative rates make the list because they lost money, but several were profitable. Previous analyses have shown that the typical corporation pays a lower effective tax rate than most middle-class families, and a far lower one than the statutory corporate tax rate against which business interests disingenuously rail.


Who is Jeh Johnson, and Why Should Black People Be Hanging Our Heads in Shame? 2

Black Agenda Report

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The Department of Homeland Security is a secretive, lawless, largely privatized police and surveillance agency, with its own prisons and soon, its own drones. Now it’s headed by a black man, a progressive Democrat, a Morehouse man & Pentagon lawyer who invokes Dr. King as patron saint for murderous US global empire, a certifiable member of the black misleadership class.


Texas Judge Forced To Resign After Being Caught Texting Instructions To Assistant DA During Trial Reply

The Liberty Crier

Oh, the hilarity that is the phrase “criminal justice system.” Talk to any defense attorney and they’ll tell you how the deck is stacked against defendants and defense lawyers. The ideal of “innocent until proven guilty” has become little more than a disclaimer tacked onto cop-centered reality shows. Defendants are guilty until the jury is somehow tricked by the defense into handing down a “not guilty” verdict. A lot of effort goes towards dissuading defendants from even making it this far, as prosecutors will present worst-case scenarios comprised of every violation conceivable in order to get an agreement to plead guilty to a lesser charge.


DC leaders continue discussion at marijuana hearing Reply



Members of the D.C. Council met with the public to testify on a bill that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

The hearing was held on Wednesday at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library.

It continued Thursday at the John A. Wilson Building.

FOX 5’s Matt Ackland was at Thursday’s meeting.

On Twitter, Ackland reported that D.C. Council member David Grosso stated that 91% of marijuana arrests in 2010 were of African American residents.


‘Men say I need a good raping’: Asexual woman, 35, on how she never has, and never will, have sex Reply

Daily Mail

A 35-year-old woman has told how she has never felt sexually attracted to men or women.

Julie Sondra Decker from Tampa, Florida, revealed to MailOnline that she started describing herself as ‘nonsexual’ at the age of 15 and when she became aware of the term ‘asexual’, she changed it.

The outgoing blonde says that she’s had more offers of sex than she ‘wants to count’ over the years but, ‘without the feelings that usually go with that sort of thing, it’s kind of gross.’

No sexual desire: Julie Decker, from Tampa, Florida, revealed to MailOnline that she started describing herself as 'asexual' at the age of 15Happy being single: Julie Sondra Decker, from Tampa, Florida, revealed to MailOnline that she started describing herself as ‘asexual’ at the age of 15 and has never been attracted to men or women


Some rural Americans pursue secession from the Union Reply


In this 1941 San Francisco Chronicle photo, secession advocates in northern California control the “border” to a proposed state of Jefferson. The old idea resurfaced recently, when commissioners in Siskiyou County voted to pursue forming their own state.
In this 1941 San Francisco Chronicle photo, secession advocates in northern California control the “border” to a proposed state of Jefferson. The old idea resurfaced recently, when commissioners in Siskiyou County voted to pursue forming their own state.

Matt L. Barron

October 8, 2013

When I hear the word “secession,” I tend to think of the Confederacy. But today, a new secession movement is taking root, and it is not Blue vs. Gray but rather rural against urban.

Across the nation from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the Maryland panhandle to northern Colorado and northern California there is growing secessionist movement in rural areas that feel a deep geographic, cultural and political disconnection from their states’ increasingly urban power centers.

Calif. Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old Reply

ABC News

A Northern California community is anguished over the fatal police shooting of a popular, 13-year-old boy who had been carrying a pellet gun that looked like an assault rifle.

Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies had repeatedly asked the boy, Andy Lopez, to drop the weapon, but instead he raised it in their direction, police said at a news conference Wednesday.

Only after the shooting did deputies realize the gun was a replica that looked strikingly similar to a real AK-47 assault rifle.


Legal Pot Goes Local in Colorado Reply

By Kelley B, Vlahos

Possessing and smoking marijuana in Colorado is now as legal as buying a six-pack and drinking a beer, but with towns and cities as culturally far apart as Colorado Springs and Aspen, the new law is being handled in very different ways.

“Things are going exactly as planned, more or less,” assured Mason Tvert, a spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Some are embracing the change, they recognize the voters have done this and it’s not going anywhere. Others are trying to resist it.”


Is the Drug War Toast? Reply

By Anthony Gregory

Public opinion now decisively favors legalizing marijuana. Fifty-eight percent of Americans want the war on pot to stop.

Once marijuana is legal, the drug war as we know it will need a new life breathed into it to survive. Pot accounts for the vast majority of arrests and illicit drug users. It is much easier for the federal drug warriors to whip up hysteria over “tens of millions” of Americans using illegal substances than it would be to point to a couple million and say it justifies an exorbitant national crusade. Of course, full legalization would mean far less crime, particularly in Mexico, and a much healthier atmosphere for civil liberties.


Seattle to buy land 103-year-old woman doesn’t want to sell Reply



Seattle has another “Edith Macefield” refusing to sell her property.

An elderly woman has turned down the City of Seattle’s offer to purchase her prime, waterfront parking lot.

So, what does the city do?

The Seattle City Council voted 8 to 0 to acquire “through negotiation or condemnation” the waterfront parking lot that belongs to a 103-year-old Spokane woman.


Who Will Protect You from the Police? The Rise of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions Reply

By John W. Whitehead

“Democracy means that if the doorbell rings in the early hours, it is likely to be the milkman.”—Winston Churchill

It’s 3 a.m. You’ve been asleep for hours when suddenly you hear a loud “Crash! Bang! Boom!” Based on the yelling, shouting and mayhem, it sounds as if someone—or several someones—are breaking through your front door. With your heart racing and your stomach churning, all you can think about is keeping your family safe from the intruders who have invaded your home. You have mere seconds before the intruders make their way to your bedroom. Desperate to protect your loved ones, you scramble to lay hold of something—anything—that you might use in self-defense. It might be a flashlight, your son’s baseball bat, or that still unloaded gun you thought you’d never need. In a matter of seconds, the intruders are at your bedroom door. You brace for the confrontation, a shaky grip on your weapon. In the moments before you go down for the count, shot multiple times by the strangers who have invaded your home, you get a good look at your accosters. It’s the police.