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The Necessity of Defending the Undefendable

Attack the System
The Necessity of Defending the Undefendable

August 4, 2013

Keith Preston says too many anarchists and libertarians are falling down on the job.

Topics include:

  • A discussion of Walter Block’s classic work “Defending the Undefendable” and Sean Gabb’s new book on the decline of free speech in England.
  • Why defending the outcast, despised, and disreputable much be a libertarian first principle.
  • How too many left-anarchists have become de facto liberal Democrats and too many right-libertarians have become de facto conservative Republicans.
  • Why the revolutionary strategy and program of ARV-ATS necessarily involves the embrace of hard-core extremism.
  • Why anti-state movements must rise above casual dilettantism and embrace an authentic revolutionary outlook.

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  1. I was with The Zeitgeist Movement some and I was telling them we need to reach out to gangs, homeless and plan on freeing people from prisons and they thought I was crazy. TZM/TVP claim they are going to be governmentless but they are really complete government.

    I don’t think the system will collapse. The people controlling the system can keep it up as long as they want it up. They are able to print as much money as they want, they can forgive loans, the control interest, etc. It only collapses if it says it collapses.

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