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Dr. Sean Gabb

Here, to entertain or instruct, is a fairly complete listing of Libertarian Alliance publications from the past few months.

I am pleased to say that our Blog has now been joined by several other contributors, and that it is now easily the most active and intellectually rigorous libertarian blog in Britain. Persistence aside, we have achieved this in a number of ways. First, we insist on good writing. Second, we insist on writing at length. Third we make a point of not moderating comments unless they seem likely to get us into trouble with the authorities. The result is comfort in diversity.

This can be seen to best effect, perhaps, in our extended symposium on the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher. Here, comments range from the savage to the eulogistic. She was always a divisive figure among libertarians, and it would have been ridiculous not to let this be reflected in our coverage. This drew wide attention. My own essays on her were republished in newspapers all over the world, and one of them was reprinted by The Independent.

I have grouped essays roughly in order of theme, though This should be seen as a very rough grouping.

If you want to contribute to our Blog as an author, do contact me. Otherwise, feel free to comment on any of the published essays. Frequently, the comments are at least as interesting as the main posting. This is partly because we tend to attract intelligent and fluent commenters, and partly because, as said, we hardly ever moderate what comments are posted.

As ever, I give some attention to the novels of Richard Blake. He is England’s only libertarian novelist published within the mainstream. You can buy any of his books by following the links on the right sidebar of our Blog.

Otherwise, do feel free to make a financial donation to our efforts. The Libertarian Alliance is a unique institution in England and within the libertarian movement at large. We are outspoken on issues where other people duck for cover. We receive no corporate support. Our budget is so minimal, I no longer strain credulity by revealing it. Please add to it! Go here to donate.

Sean Gabb

Essays and Longer Publications

A Libertarian Case against Mass-Immigration by Keir Martland
Biography of Marcus Junius Brutus by Peter Richards
Sean Gabb on Home Education
Some Critical Comments on Roderick T. Long’s “Why Libertarians Believe There Is Only One Right,” J. C. Lester

The Woolwich Murder

Censorship and the Woolwich murder by John Kersey
Reflections on the Woolwich atrocity by D.J. Webb
Michael Adebolajo Raw and Uncut by Sean Gabb

The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Does Margaret Thatcher matter? A first and fast appreciation from one who lived then by David Davis
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher by Sean Gabb
Gabb on Thatcher by Gary Chartier
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher in German by Sean Gabb
El legado de Margaret Thatcher by Sean Gabb
The Economic Legacy of Margaret Thatcher by Sean Gabb
Just one thing…about the Thatcher business… by David Davis
Margaret Thatcher: Wrong on many things, but right on the one thing that mattered – or so argues Christie Davies
What to do about Margaret Thatcher by David Davis
Margaret Thatcher and the cult of personality by Robert Henderson
Does Thatcherism mark a radical break in British Politics? by Jock Coats
Thatcher: why celebrate? Her regime and her legacy are our own fault! by Jock Coats
Margaret Thatcher – Article Outreach by Sean Gabb
The good is oft-interr-ed with their bones by David Davis
In Praise of Margaret Thatcher by Leon Georgiou
Margaret Hilda Thatcher: An Early Tribute by Sean Gabb

Libertarian Matters

Diagrammatic summary of Rothbard and Hoppe on statism by John Kersey
A visual summary of Kinsella’s “Who is a Libertarian?” by John Kersey
A diagrammatic representation of Hoppe’s paleolibertarian system by John Kersey
Sean Gabb Interviewed by Keir Martland
Kevin Carson on Authority: A Reply by David McDonagh
Is Libertarianism “Unfair”? by D.J. Webb
Unanimous Consent and the Utopian Vision by L. Neil Smith

Legal Issues

Should our law be made by judges? by D.J. Webb
The New Defamation Act: An Overview by Sean Gabb
Libertarian Alliance Statement on an Earlier Defamation Act by Sean Gabb
Thoughts on Our Shattered Constitution by Sean Gabb
Press Regulation and the British Constitution by Robert Henderson
Freemen of the Land: A Barrister Writes
Jury Nullification by D.J. Webb
Jury Nullification: A Barrister Writes
The European Union and the New British Constitution, by Sean Gabb
The Royal “Veto” by D.J. Webb
Abusive Bailiffs: Old but Possibly Relevant Thoughts by Sean Gabb
Should There be Laws Against Drinking and Driving? by Sean Gabb

Economic Issues

EU regulation: the sledgehammer to miss the nut by Sean Gabb
Water: hungry directors to support by Sean Gabb
Why is the State Involved in Childcare? by D.J. Webb
Is Capitalism Just Fraud? by D.J. Webb
The Reprobate Keynesian Mind by Don Hank

Freedom of Speech

Emma West timeline by John Kersey
Emma West in Court Today – 23rd May 2013
When expressing your opinion is a crime by John Kersey
You can no longer be sacked for your political beliefs by John Kersey
State-Regulation of the British Press: So What? by Sean Gabb
What has happened to Emma West? by Robert Henderson
Fear, Violence and the Absurd by Sean Gabb
The problem about Liverpool by David Davis
Old Holborn blog deleted by David Davis

General Essays

The trouble with gay marriage by John Kersey
Talkin’-’bout my Generation by David Davis
What to do about political parties in the UK, and about democracy by David Davis
David Davis on the Local Elections
Very Brief Reflections on Welfarism by Sean Gabb
An Evening with James Hansen by James Oliver Deckard
A Case for Plebiscitory Democracy by Eddie Johnson
Black People: A Marxist Clothing Accessory Writes by Sean Gabb
Justin Welby: Salvation through legislation by Mustela Nivalis
A Case for Scepticism by Sean Gabb
101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe by Sean Gabb
Ghosts: is there a libertarian, religious or scientific explanation? by David Davis
On Ghosts and the Supernatural by Sean Gabb
Guess Who? by James Oliver Deckard
Brief Comment on Mick Philipott by Sean Gabb
More on the Philpott Scandal by Our Northern Correspondent
Europe and the Iraq War by Sean Gabb
Sean Gabb: A Searchlight Profile
Flexischooling by Sean Gabb
Should There be a Minimum Price for Alcohol? by Sean Gabb
Should David Cameron Apologise for Amritsar? by Sean Gabb
Human Accomplishment and the English by Robert Henderson
Football Attendance and Family Allowance by A.B.
Popes who have abdicated by Sean Gabb
One sometimes does not know what to do or think by David Davis
A Considered Opinion on the European Union by Roger Dewhurst
A Brief Argument for English Independence by Sean Gabb
104 Years Ago – G.K. Chesterton on Ideas and Ideals by Christopher Houseman

Sexual Politics

Ian B on Paedomania
Whither consent? by John Kersey
Life versus art by John Kersey
Proof that Evil Traitor Heath Infected with Evil Paedo Virus by Evil Shape-shifting Lizard Jimothy Saveloy by Sean Gabb
Let us have Gay Marriage – but not yet! by Sean Gabb
Sean Gabb on the Horrors of Internet Pornography

Short Comments

Liberalism: For Nations, not Empires?
Nigel Farage on Drug Prohibition
Sandy Ezekiel – Banged up for 18 Months!

Libertarian Fiction

How It Happened, chapter 1 An incorrect novel by D.J. Webb
Mr Blake in Slovakia
Ghosts of Athens: Another Nice Review
Conspiracies Of Rome ~ Richard Blake
Popping Pills With The Romans
Conspiracies of Rome: Another Review
Blood of Alexandria: Another Fine Review
Another Fine Review of Mr Blake
Richard Blake: Review of “Ghost of Athens”

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