An Anarchist Looks at Memorial Day Reply

By Thomas Knapp

“Memorial Day,” according to Wikipedia, “is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May …. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.”

I confess to mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s easy for remembrance of those killed in history’s wars to metamorphose into something else — glorification of the wars they died in or of the states they died in service to, for example. On the other hand, Santayana’s words ring true: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


Radicalizing the Center, Part Two: Reflections on Movement Building 1

Keith Preston continues his discussion of how to bring revolutionary anarchist ideas into the mainstream.

Topics include:

How the prevalence of cultural leftist fanaticism within the anarchist milieu is undermining the growth of the movement and outreach efforts.

Why the state is a unique institution of oppression and why efforts to equate statism with other forms of authoritarianism are misguided.

Step Out of My Sunshine! Reflections of a Libertarian Cynic Reply

MRDA’S Inferno


Kevin I. Slaughter, Satanic Reverend and owner of publishing house Underworld Amusements, expressed this sentiment not-so-long ago:

I don’t adhere to any specific political party or platform, but reading comments on the internet underlines the folly of any political system that involves “the people” making informed decisions. I skew “libertarian” not because I think people are “rational actors”, but because I want them to have as little say in what I can and can’t do (i.e. political power/influence) as possible… because they are fucking morons. Conversely, I don’t think any “cognitive elite” can necessarily do better; they’ll just be smarter about how they’d go about fucking me and mine over.


An Update from the Libertarian Alliance Reply

Dr. Sean Gabb

Here, to entertain or instruct, is a fairly complete listing of Libertarian Alliance publications from the past few months.

I am pleased to say that our Blog has now been joined by several other contributors, and that it is now easily the most active and intellectually rigorous libertarian blog in Britain. Persistence aside, we have achieved this in a number of ways. First, we insist on good writing. Second, we insist on writing at length. Third we make a point of not moderating comments unless they seem likely to get us into trouble with the authorities. The result is comfort in diversity.

This can be seen to best effect, perhaps, in our extended symposium on the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher. Here, comments range from the savage to the eulogistic. She was always a divisive figure among libertarians, and it would have been ridiculous not to let this be reflected in our coverage. This drew wide attention. My own essays on her were republished in newspapers all over the world, and one of them was reprinted by The Independent.

I have grouped essays roughly in order of theme, though This should be seen as a very rough grouping.


The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations Reply

By John Whitehead

“[F]orce alone cannot make us safe. We cannot use force everywhere that a radical ideology takes root; and in the absence of a strategy that reduces the well-spring of extremism, a perpetual war – through drones or Special Forces or troop deployments – will prove self-defeating, and alter our country in troubling ways.” ~ Barack Obama, May 23, 2013

President Obama’s declaration that “America is at a crossroads” in the fight against terror, a fight that is increasingly turning inwards, setting its sights on homegrown extremists, should give every American pause.


How the Left Has Failed the Working Class 1

By Samuel Goldman

The New Yorker‘s George Packer can’t decide what to think about 21st-century America.

On the one hand, Packer likes developments that enhance the lifestyles of the educated upper middle class: “marriage equality, Lipitor, a black President, Google searches, airbags, novelistic TV shows, the opportunity for women to be as singlemindedly driven as their male colleagues, good coffee, safer cities, cleaner air, photographs of the kids on my phone, anti-bullying, Daniel Day Lewis, cheap communications, smoke-free airplanes, wheelchair parking, and I could go on.” On the other hand, he’s sorry that these benefits aren’t more broadly shared. Life is pretty good in brownstone Brooklyn and its spiritual counterparts. But it’s gotten harder and harder in “urban cores like Youngstown, Ohio; rural backwaters like Rockingham County, North Carolina; and the exurban slums outside Tampa…”


A Letter to North American Anarchists from Radical Beirut 1

Anarchist News

Comrades, —- The Arab uprisings and Occupy Wall Street and the rest of global uprisings since 2011 have opened more doors for us to communicate and realize more than ever how our struggles against the state and dominant power structures are interconnected and the same. Our fight against the beast is one; we are informed and inspired by your past and current struggles, as well as we know that you are informed and inspired by our struggles, yet we still have a long way to go to understand one another and scale up our common fight. —- Our collective is a small group of radicals, deep ecologists, anarchists, and feminists, and we haven’t done much compared with the great sacrifices of many of our comrades elsewhere. Yet we know we also speak the mind of many of our comrades in the Arab world from Morocco to Syria, who encountered the same dilemmas while communicating with their Western counterparts.


Activist Adam Kokesh Calls on “American Revolutionary Army” to March on all 50 State Capitals Reply

The Daily Sheeple


In a statement released from a Philadelphia federal prison, former marine and now imprisoned activist Adam Kokesh called for a new American revolution, complete with an American Revolutionary Army that would march on all 50 state capitals to put the federal government on notice.


911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts 1

CBS Seattle

An Oregon woman was told by a 911 dispatcher that authorities wouldn’t be able be able to help her as her ex-boyfriend broke into her place because of budget cuts.

Oregon Public Radio reports that an unidentified woman called 911 during a weekend in August 2012 while Michael Bellah was breaking into her place. Her call was forwarded to Oregon State Police because of lay-offs at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office only allows the department to be open Monday through Friday.

“Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there,” the 911 dispatcher told the woman. “You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?”

Welcome to Islamberg 4

Law Enforcement Today

In Hancock, NY an Islamic community that sits on 80 acres of land has decided to form its own government.  They call their community: The Town of Islamberg.  They have their own mayor, deputy mayor and five town council members.  None of them are elected, of course.

They even boast that their “town” provides departments of education, medical, finance and land development services.

This Islamic compound has truly become a city-state.  Though not recognized as a legitimate township by the City of Hancock, this Islamic community nevertheless enforces its own laws on the “citizens” within its borders.  They do so by using the iron fist of Sharia law.


Community or Leviathan? Reply

By Patrick Deneen

In his most recent diagnosis of the state of America’s political soul, the journalist and political thinker E.J. Dionne begins with a simple thesis. In the opening pages of Our Divided Political Heart, he asserts that “American history is defined by an irrepressible and ongoing tension between two core values: our love of individualism and our reverence for community.” The inevitable “creative tension” between these two commitments, he argues, is the source of ongoing American debate as well as American strength. We need to hold firmly to both values, as difficult as that can be in practice.


Twenty Years on Death Row: Debra Milke’s Wrongful Conviction and the Future Publicity Fallout 4

By Paul Huebl

Debra Milke has languished on Arizona’s Death Row here for more than two decades. She’s no stranger to unwanted publicity, nearly all of it being outrageous and libelous.

This story all began with Milke’s arrest by a really poor excuse for a cop. Milke’s four-year-old son Christopher was taken out to the desert and murdered by two men, James Styers and Roger Scott. The cop, Armando Saldate quickly fabricated a claim of a confession that he swore under oath that Milke gave him.

The reason for the perjury was simple, Saldate thought Milke was somehow involved in the murder and surmised he’d find the real evidence later. Saldate needed something, anything to justify holding Milke in custody and the phony confession did the trick.


Gun Control Won’t Eliminate Guns Reply

By Mark Crovelli

No single issue in the American political arena illustrates the similarity of American liberals and American conservatives than the issue of gun control. This claim will no doubt appear counterintuitive, because conservatives and liberals have been bickering over gun rights for as long as anyone can remember. Liberals love gun control and conservatives loathe it. The difference between the two groups couldn’t be starker, right?

What all the superficial bickering between the two groups conceals, however, is a fundamental agreement that gun control can actually work. Starry-eyed liberals believe that government is indeed capable of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, as if would-be-armed-robbers actually care whether or not it is legal to own guns. Conservatives innocently fear that government is capable of keeping guns out of the hands of all ordinary Americans, as if government prohibition has ever actually worked. More…

The Human Cost of the War in Iraq Reply


Conventional wisdom in American politics focuses only on American costs in the war in Iraq: the casualties to U.S. soldiers, the financial costs, and sometimes the strategic costs. But the human cost to the Iraqis themselves are nearly ignored in political discourse, the news media, and intellectual circles. This site is a corrective to those oversights. We present empirical reports, studies, and other accounts that convey and assess the consequences of war for the people of Iraq.

Looking Back on Ten Years of War, Trauma, Death, & Displacement

Major studies of war mortality

Three major studies of war mortality have been done in Iraq. Two appeared in The Lancet, the British medical journal, and one appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. They bear strong similarities in their findings, but have some important differences, too.


Harvard Students Call for the Repression of Free Inquiry Reply

Jason Richwine

Jason Richwine

I don’t apologize for any of my writing, but I deeply regret that it was used to hurt my friends and colleagues at Heritage. Seeing them struggle on account of me was the most painful aspect of the whole ordeal. I remember a particularly difficult moment when a Heritage spokesman went on Univision to defend the Heritage report. He explained, accurately, that I was just the number cruncher for the study. Here’s the question he was given by the host:


Antiwar.Com Sues the FBI 1 is taking the FBI to court! We demand records regarding surveillance of One FBI memo called us “a threat to national security.”

We’re Americans engaged in peaceful, constitutionally protected activity: what used to be called journalism. The FBI must admit this, and promise to cease and desist. Please help publicize this fight to practice independent journalism.

Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States Reply


Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved, but what I’m about to share with you takes the assault on our freedoms to a whole new level. You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials, that rain belongs to someone else.


Army Death Squad Cut ‘Trophies’ From Civilians They Murdered Reply

Lew Rockwell

Posted by Lew Rockwell on March 21, 2011 08:17 AM

The American soldiers took more than 4,000 photos of their civilian Afghan kills and “trophies,”but the evidence is, as usual, being hidden from us and the world. And we know what little we know thanks to a foreign news source (Der Spiegel, in this case). And btw, I do not for a minute believe that this was a “rogue” outfit, but typical of at least a substantial minority—the men who join the army because they enjoy killing. More…

How the Black Power Movement Was Coopted by the System Reply

Says anarchist/black nationalist and former Panther Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin.

I wish, in their justifications of using electoral politics, both white radicals and black nationalists would stop bringing up the 1972 political campaigns of Black Panther leaders Elaine Brown and Bobby Seale in Oakland, CA. They claim it “won influence” for the BPP at city hall and in the Black community, ignoring years of revolutionary grassroots organizing after the founding of the party in 1966, others say that it “strengthened” the party and increased its organizational base. Well, here is what did happen, according to my wife’s 2011 book Driven By The Movement: Activists of the Black Power Era”, and my own memories and that of a few other original Panthers. More…

Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government Reply

Natural News

To many veterans of the 1960s-era civil rights movement there is a rising angst and discourse among the populace that is eerily familiar to them.

Nearly everywhere you turn, crowds of angry Americans are gathering, no longer content to merely sit idly by and remain spectators to the cavalcade of injustices being perpetuated ad nauseum against We the People by criminal governments that have long since lost their legitimacy.

Run by an elitist ruling class, they prove daily that an elected body can trample rights the same as a sitting monarch or dictator.