Old Fashioned Anarchists against the Elite 7

by Bill the Butcher

“We base all our experiments on the capacity for self-government.” ―James Madison

In the old days, if you wanted to hunt, you needed a long gun, not an age qualification and a background check. If you had a problem with a guy, you needed quick hands and a chin, not a cell phone to call the police.

At that time, boys were in a hurry to become men. Old photos of the hardened young Newsies at Skeeter’s Branch smoking like their elders and staring through the smoke says it all.

Today’s young boys are brought up under the rule of an overly dramatic safety state that sends schools into lock down over a thermometer or a car backfiring. The state has replaced “the family,” “the dad,” and “the gang” as the all-inclusive Soccer Mom who does everything in her power to protect her children from harm, when in reality, she is killing them. It is a reasonable inference to suggest that if the state were gendered, it would be a woman.

Modern technology, feminism, managerialism, welfarism and crazed consumerism have produced the most ridiculous, nipple-sucking culture in recorded history. The 21st century digital boy is a shaven noodle who stands in front of the mirror snapping photos of himself like a super model. Perhaps the only thing more despicable than the welfare state is the anonymous snitch lines setup to report those who manipulate the welfare state.

Unlike Republicans and Democrats, patriots do not call the police, apply for grants, collect welfare, or vote for politicians. Authentic patriots are old fashioned anarchists, through and through.

I use the word “anarchist” loosely, of course, as patriots are a bit different from the classical anarchists. The classical anarchists were socialists, and as a patriot, I am not terribly interested in taking everyone out for ice cream after the game.

Because of that, and other reasons, I’m often accused of projecting an insufferable male character that will probably be nailed to a tree by a fanatical group of liberals.

Fine by me, however, liberals tend to view me as a “social conservative,” and while I have no problem with social conservatives, I carefully distinguish my views from those of the religious right, or should I say, those who are completely disconnected ideologically and culturally from the neocons who lead them.

For instance, working and middle class conservatives will support the Republican elite for the sake of opposing abortion and gay rights, cutting taxes and fiscal discipline, stopping mass immigration, protecting Israel for Jesus, and so forth.

But their leaders are planetary elites who are really about making the world safe for the American empire, advancing the class interests of the US plutocracy, and promoting Israel’s interests for entirely different reasons.

Aside from the central imagery of decentralization; the patriot recognizes only one form of government — self-government. The patriot is strong, self-reliant, and independent, with great hostility toward pacification and state direction. Jefferson spoke of a “fitness for self-government,” writing to Edward Everett, “the qualifications for self-government in society are not innate. They are the result of habit and long training.”

Imagine the average American traveling back to the Old West or the Old South when disputes were handled in the presence of Old American anarchic values; cultures of honor, oriented family defense, bands of land clubs who selected their own methods of punishment, groups of miners who handled things without lawyers and sheriffs, rugged individuals who relied on their guns and reputations to protect their livelihood, and a general sense of competition between the gangs of the land.

Such men are a national past time.

The American ruling class is composed of nerds and control freaks who, as Jean-Philippe points out, “cannot last long. Soon, the barbarians will come to fuck their wives and replace them. Then again, maybe robots will be able to protect the first wimp civilization eternally. We’ll see…”

If we wish stop the elite, we are going to need a movement of old fashioned rebels who, for ourselves, for all Americans, and in fact, for all people everywhere, can actually stop the elite.


  1. Right. Except that the pussification of America is, in fact, brutal, intolerant and beyond self-congratulatory in its tenacity for violence. I would hardly call those “feminin” virtues. This article also seems to overlook the fact that our movement is in desperate need of more libertarian and anarchist women. Yo, and we are NOT “patriots” proudly flying Old Glory while the Star Spangled Banner blares in the background of our empty, witless heads every minute of every day in the “land of the free”. We are rebels, criminals and traitors. If there’s a flag to be flown, it’s painted black. That’s how our enemies–like metrosexual fascists writing for the Southern Poverty Law Center–view us. I suggest we prove ’em right by tossing any self-deluding, nationalistic nonsense like “patriotism” to the flames. They’re the “patriots”. They’re the folks giving speeches about “hate” groups (that would be us) to our friends at the Department of Homeland Security. They’re the nationalists. Not us. Let us live dangerously…as outlaws. Also, please consider that machismo will not be our salvation. Nor will misogyny. We need strong women who will support us when we get our asses whooped by the feds, and who aren’t afraid to shoot back. Otherwise, thank you for the article, Mr. Butcher.

    • Dale Rooster,

      Other than the Seals, I don’t see anything “masculine” or “brutally violent” about the American state. The police state is Revenge of the Nerds. Most cops were high school retards who would run for the hills without their guns and radio communications. I think Nassim Taleb gets it right, technology is the opposite of manliness. The cops in this country aren’t exactly hard-fisted brutes who walk all over people. They’re terrified pussies quick to shoot in fear for their lives. The same can be said for the military’s drone war games. I really wouldn’t consider America’s “humanitarian interventionism” (oops, I mean “war”) a masculine “virtue” of the state. Although I’m sure Noam Chomsky would.

      As for your problem attracting women, sure, we need the women. But let’s face it, if you were really a black flag waving, “dangerously” living “outlaw criminal,” you wouldn’t have that problem. We need a movement of serious men. Some real hell raisers. Then your women will come. That’s how it works.

      • “The cops in this country aren’t exactly hard-fisted brutes who walk all over people. They’re terrified pussies quick to shoot in fear for their lives.”

        It’s interesting; some folks looked at the LAPD’s reaction to Christopher Dorner’s killing spree as evidence that they were a bunch of hooligans on a rampage. I looked at their shooting up of old hispanic ladies and any foreign manufactured pick up they saw as a sign that they were scared fucking shitless.

        “The same can be said for the military’s drone war games.”

        On that token, a lot of wannabe radical leftist revolutionaries argue that we can’t go down the path of violence because they’ll just kill us with drones. Well, the same is true for traditional air strikes against land targets. You need pilots, a place to house them, a functioning network to bring them supplies and money to keep those drones in the air.

  2. Anyone who tries to attract woman fails. Be yourself at all cost! Even if the woman avoid you, let be. Find strength, honor, and fidelity above the (now days)
    almighty pussy. This era too will pass. And this System and its bitches will reap it!

    Be a Wolf. Live for yourself or the pack — never the herd.

  3. My opinion is that the state is a patriarch; a father afraid that his many sons will burn down his house, kill him, and divide the spoils amongst themselves rather than adhere to his Will. To that end he rewards his chosen daughters and sons, emasculates his lesser but loyal sons so that they do not grow strong, and beats his bastard sons daily so that they fear him. The problem is that his loyal sons are tired of living in his long shadow and his bastards sons have grown up.

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