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How Reactionary Hipsters Took Back the Media

by Rachel Haywire

For a while the Fash have been fighting with the Posh who are generally not very Fash. One might say Fash is a reaction to Posh. Yet every now and then someone comes along who is both Posh and Fash. This person is Fosh.

The reactionary hipster movement is winning. I first noticed it on Twitter when a small group of stylish intellectuals developed a cult around Mencius Moldbug and registered usernames like NationalistPony. “Buttercup Dew blogs and tweets on radical traditionalism, liberalism, nationalist ideology and My Little Pony.”

This was it! The moment we had all been waiting for! It is common knowledge that once you bring My Little Pony into the equation you become a hipster. Two years ago, I declared that the natural response to a culture going meta-meta-meta was for hipsters to read Evola. Suddenly here we were living in this tasty postmodern hell. It was alive. It wasn’t hip to be square but it was hip to be ubersquare. 

The counter-revolution is upon us. Be sure to look jaded. 

Only through reactionary hipsters can reactionaries maintain any media relevance. It cannot be done through the government (lolwat?) and democracy is so last year. The liberals sunk their own ship when they were accused of bullying. The conservative movement is dead like god and has no chance of winning anything but a golf tournament. It is only the hipster reactionary movement that can lead the media to an anti-PC awakening. Nobody will listen to a bunch of old white men because old white men are off limits. Get used to your opa dying.

I refuse to blame Moldbug for the swarms of post-leftists wanting a taste of something edgy. This is simply how culture progresses. Moldbug was there at the right time and so was the post-liberal media. The gates of the Cathedral would be smashed harder than the state at an anarchist rally. New blogs would pop up and call themselves The Right Stuff.

“The Right Stuff” is an intellectually stimulating political blog with a heavy emphasis on right-wing theory. We’re right wingers, but we welcome comments from intelligent people across the political spectrum.

Here at Da Right Stuff we have a very different approach from most who would like to “change the world.” Rather than actually trying to market our designs, presumably by making them sound familiar, appealing and benevolent, we apply anti-spin. We strip off the fairing and present the cold, gritty gears of the naked machine. Our tone is at best neutral, at worst acid and nihilistic. We want tear down your shibboleth, but also help you find something better to put in their place.”

“This sounds like a bunch of fucking hipsters. What are you people doing? You are killing off everything and nothing will ever be sacred again. Now that a bunch of anarchists found a copy of Might is Right we will never know tradition again.”

The mainstream right is pissed off but the reactionary hipsters continue to wave the flag of glory. Taking back the media like they once took back the night, they are sharing their views with the world and the world is finally listening. Holding an interest in anything that is cool and avant-garde, social media experts are finally paying attention to disaffected kids and their political interests. Could this bring power to anti-PC intellectualism? Could the hipsters, doubleplus ironically, save culture?

Next time you see a hipster discussing the death of modernity don’t snark at them. That is conservative bullying. Maybe the problem isn’t the posh but 99% of the posh. Maybe 1% of the posh will go on to save the world. Hipster reactionaries could bridge the gap between the alternative right and the alternative left. The alternative left = mainstream culture. Maybe your opa isn’t dead. I just want you to ask yourself something.

What if the Fosh were to abandon the Fash and leave them to their own devices? Would the Fash die to the sound of their own boots stomping on their own faces? Forever?

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  1. And what will come after the Fosh? Please don’t tell me it’ll be the Pash. Can’t at least a few intelligent people come up with an “alternative” movement that isn’t just another permutation of rearranging ideas from the past?

    • The Pash generally hate the mainstream Fosh for not being Pash enough. Of course the fringe of the Fosh movement is full of Pash.

    • No one would listen. Without a historical reference to weigh against new ideas the gatekeepers don’t understand how to judge their merit and will typically dismiss them outright for seeming nonsensical. Such is why true genius is rarely appreciated in its own time, as it takes time for a society to acclimate to that which is entirely unique, but hipsters, on the other hand, seize public interest by galvanizing an already pertinent fringe viewpoint and warping it into the avant-garde. It’s a bit like standing on the shoulders of giants while you captivate everyone’s attention by dressing in the most ridiculous attire imaginable. And that’s how baby cultural movements are made, and why we’re all so fucked once those movements come to fruition.

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