On the Value of Monarchy

The American consciousness, and the democratic Western world abhors this idea. Both the Capitalists and Communists alike will scream and call it tyrannical.

What is neglected is that these recent political ideals necessitate leadership. Capitalism naturally leads to bosses and actual producers..Some Capitalists have even attempted to integrate their system into a Confucian model, and stating that bosses should be obeyed in the same way a benevolent monarch should.

It is too often neglected that Capitalism is raping the planet, doesn’t give people the full fruit of their labor, and neglects the good of society at large. Traditional monarchist culture produced things for their use, and not for the idea of massive profit. People generally worked for themselves, and were trained by their father in his own field. There was no confusion as to what would be done when you were to grow up.

A communist society never works. I find it funny that ole Karl Marx cited the Labor Theory of Value, when he wanted money abolished, and everyone to receive what they needed. People would not receive the full fruit of their labor in that system. Those who were to take from those who produce would be receiving more than they ever put into something. This is not to fully advocate the labor theory of value, and ignore those who legitimately need help. This is to point out the sheer hypocrisy of Marxism. You cannot get to such a society without Marx’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

What about the communists screaming about the authoritarian nature of monarchism? They would need an authoritarian state to carry out their actions under the false promise that the state would somehow melt away. At least monarchism never makes such false claims, as Marxism does. Marxism does not lead to maximal liberty. Even if based upon a system of democracy, as the Trotskyites would want, this would become mob rule.

Everyone would think that they know just as well as anyone else what should be done. Can everyone simultaneously be an expert in politics, science, economics, and so on? Some people know more than others on these topics. A king would have been raised in political affairs his entire life by his predecessor. Nothing can compare.

Capitalism and Marxism logically lead to globalization. We have transnational corporations at this point in time who seem to have no concept of duty. They only have profit as their motivating factor. This is what capitalism logically leads to. It is a theory regarding material resources and nothing more. Marxism proposes an Internationale of all nations, and wishes to get rid of cultural differences. Capitalism has melted away cultural differences with food chains, clothing stores, television, etc. Both Marxism and Capitalism turn the world into a grey blob. All differences are obliterated.

Monarchism is the only system which is honest enough to state that some people are better than others. With a monarchist society, if things go badly due to policy, we know who to blame. There aren’t scores and scores of people to blame. The King takes full responsibility.

On my first post, I had given the list of five roles that Confucius gave for society. Of those, the first one is of importance here.


What is more important than the people participating in these roles is the role itself, and the responsibilities that come along with it. Kind of sounds like a Platonic form, right? Confucius said that these roles are the emulation of what exists in Heaven above. Plato would say that it comes from the Realm of Forms. Both are in essence the same thing.

The role is most important, and so is the realization that these all come from the ultimate form of Goodness. The King is to be governed by ethics and concern for the state of the nation as a whole. The corporate boss is to be concerned with his profits. The King is to have a love of his country and culture. The Marxist is to tell us that these cultural differences are oppressive.

The duped masses can be made to believe any of the garbage put out by the corporate elite. The King at least stands in full view as the leader of the nation. It only takes one righteous ruler for people to say, “Truly thou art King.” and for society to be brought back to its anti-modernist foundations.

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