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My Synthesis of Confucius and Plato

I am a Neo-Platonist, and this has led to several problems with Plato’s application of the Forms in the real world.

Plato’s Realm of Forms can be likened to Heaven, or the Mind of God. In it, the perfect form of everything exists. This world is imperfect, but it still has reflections of these forms within it.

For example, the idea of “redness”. There is no perfect red to be found in this world, yet we intuitively have this idea of “redness”. We have ideas of roundness, right angles, Goodness, Truth, etc. However, everything in this world deviates more or less from these ideals. There are perfect forms of man and woman, but they are never perfectly met. This is especially true in our age of modernity.

There exists a perfect form of everything in Plato’s Realm of Forms, and everything in this world is a mere reflection of it. When our soul came from the realm of forms and embodied itself into matter, it tried to make sense of everything with these forms.

Plato fails in his application of forms into the real world. For example, he was for the state taking away children, and was for the ruler having no wife and children.

Confucius had 5 major roles to be carried out in society:

Ruler/Subject, Father/Son, Husband/Wife, Elder Brother/Younger Brother, Elder Friend/Younger Friend.

These are actually representative of Platonic Forms. Every role has a function that Confucius said came from Heaven itself. It is hierarchical, which people today have a lot of issues with. For to follow this means that democracy is bunk, children should obey their parents, wives should be obedient to their husbands, and that the elder knows better than the younger. It is to say that not all things are equal, and that everything has a proper function which it should strive toward.

It also destroys the materialism of our age by saying that these examples come from Heaven itself. There is something outside of time, space, and matter which these forms are participating in. Fathers are participating in fatherhood. Red is participating in redness. Every form is derived from the Good, and to destroy true function is to destroy Goodness itself.

With the combination of Confucius with Plato, we arrive at true Platonism, and at the destruction of the modern world. The patriarchy assumes its role anew, and the hereditary monarchy comes back as a logical consequence. For if Masculine and Feminine, are forms, even the very nation should have this model represented by a royal family.

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