An Introduction

I figured that it was best to begin by introducing myself. I am doing this on my mobile phone while I am away from home. Forgive me if you find it to be too brief. I go under the pseudonym of Michael Strasser. My interest is mostly in Confucian and Platonic philosophy to bring about a society based upon radical Tradition.

My influences are of course Plato and Confucius. Aside from that, I am influenced by monarchy, esotericism, National-Anarchism, and historical Third Position movements.

I do not hold racial views, but I am not egalitarian in my mindset. Some are stronger, some are wiser, some are better at leadership than others, etc. Even Mikhail Bakunin said that he consulted authority on specific subjects. If he wanted boots made, he went to a shoe maker as an authority.

Monarchy can be applied on a community size scale, and I will probably keep it to that scale when discussing that here. Monarchism can exist alongside other political viewpoints and fight with others in pan-secessionism against the empire.

I’m currently in the middle of reading a few books in which I will give reviews on from time to time. I plan to discuss philosophy in general, hopefully to equip those who are against the status quo. Manners, ways of speaking, logical points to be made, and how to avoid contradictions in logic will be important to win wise people over to our side.

Of course, my user name should have my blog attached to it. I encourage comments of disagreement to critique any points I may have made in error.

I hope that everyone can learn from one another, and that we can all come out stronger as a result of this.


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