The Girl with the Anal Tattoo 6

From HuffPo.

Suggestions for the next tattoo…

“insert here”

“find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes”

“please leave a deposit”

“visitor parking”

“feed me”

All much more sensible choices than what she already has scrawled near her sphincter. Names of boyfriends!?

Then again, I suppose she could be making a less-than-complimentary statement about that pair of paramours. Beats Piss Christ, if so.

EDIT (20/8/12): Check out County Grind’s interview with  Maria Louise Del Rosario, herself…


Anal tattoos are the “next big thing.”

Or, at least, that’s what some people are saying after meeting this woman at the 17th annual South Florida Tattoo Expo,which was held at the Marriott Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center in Coral Springs, Fla., last weekend.

It felt “really, really good,” the 22-year-old said of the process.

One observer noted that the whole anus-tattooing thing seemed pretty “cool.”

“It’s kind of a neat thing to do,” he told a reporter from the New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

Users on social news site Reddit were quick to pick up on this “trend.”

Many appeared to disagree, however, that anal tats are a good idea, and few were able to stay away from the seemingly requisite bathroom humor that comes with the territory.

“Holy crap that’s funny,” said user sujin.

The girl was quick to point outthat her anus tat isn’t her first.

“The fairy on my back is crawled in a ball with broken wings and she’s pulling her f*cking hair,” she said of one of her older tattoos.

As for her anus, it has since been inscribed with her boyfriend’s name,though his might not be the first to adorn her rectal area.

“I had two guys name on it,” she said.


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