Georgia Teen Arrested For Raping Female Pitbulls

News of the weird.

From an anarcho-libertarian perspective, what crime has actually been committed? Cruelty to animals? Violation of the property rights of the dog owners? Inquiring minds don’t necessarily want to know.

Young man takes “doggystyle” to unthinkable low

19-year old Bernard Archer landed an odd job cleaning dog cages for Dr. Cathryn Lafayette, who agreed to fund his education in exchange for the work. Archer was working on getting his GED.

“Our agreement was if I pay the tuition [for his GED] then he would pay half by working here at my home or whatever I had for him to do,” Lafayette tells WGCL in Atlanta. “Saturday was his first day to start working.”

But, he got a little too comfortable on the job.

Neighbors called police when they say they saw Archer having intercourse with two of Dr. Lafayette’s female pitbulls. You read that right, the guy was having a threesome with two dogs.

Of course no one would believe that if they heard it. But, these neighbors (who might be just as weird) decided to video tape the ordeal to present to authorities. They then alerted Dr. Lafayette of the claim, who was also in disbelief, until she saw the evidence.

“It showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog. He was on his knees like he was a dog,” she says. “For him to come on my property and rape my female dogs, that’s totally unheard of and that hurt me. I wasn’t here to protect them.”

Archer was arrested and charged with two counts of bestiality. That is a felony in Georgia so he can face anywhere from one to ten years in prison.

No word on if PETA will demand a stiff sentence the same way they did for Michael Vick, this is worst right?.

Also no word on if the people who recorded it will be charged, we’re sure that’s a crime too.



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  1. ” Who in their right mind would rape something as vicious as pit bulls? ”

    Since a huge amount of pitbull owners are such people as the aforementioned, is it any wonder why pitbulls get to be so vicious, and to exacerbate the situation these unstable pits get bred.

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