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Mighty White

Article by Jack Donovan.

I started rubbing elbows with White Nationalists a few years ago.

I call ‘em “The Mighty Whites.”

I support White Nationalists. They are not all equally right about everything, but I am sympathetic to many of their general aims.

I think white people should be able to organize and advance their own interests just like every other group of people. For those of my readers who might be concerned, I want to explain why.

*   *  *

Ten out of ten minorities agree that being a minority can really blow. As an ambassador for a smaller group, you carry the baggage for all of “your kind.” As a minority, you have to work twice as hard to disprove negative stereotypes. You spend a lot of time dispelling misconceptions or explaining things. It’s annoying and tedious.

Stereotyping and prejudgment is a survival tactic. It’s natural, it’s human, and it’s not going away. The people who say they are opposed to stereotyping do it just as much as everyone else.  Have you ever listened to an “objective” atheist rant about evangelical Christians? A casual conversation with an enlightened Northerner about the South might lead you to believe that strange fruit still swings there from every poplar tree. After living in San Francisco for a few years I determined that most residents of fog city had scribbled “Thar be dragons!” over at least forty states.

Humans are tribal. We need an “us,” and those who are not us must be “them.” We form tribal bubbles, and we filter out information that doesn’t confirm our biases about others. We associate with people who look like we do, or think like we do, or believe what we believe. Most of us do this even when we are trying consciously not to.

It’s easy enough to maintain the illusion of “one world tribe” when you are sitting in a polite, politically correct office, sipping a latte with a cherry-picked collection of educated and carefully groomed people  from other groups.

In the land of calloused hands and cheap coffee, folks stick to their own kind. As a blue collar guy I can relate well enough to other groups. My pap worked on the railroad his whole life, and like him, when I punch the clock I have to learn to get along with whomever the boss hires, or work just gets a lot harder.

I have a lot of experience working with Mexicans. They’re funny, happy, hard working and easy to get along with. I’m not a Mexican. I’m not one of them. We can have a laugh over something universal, but they have different lifeways and for the most part they stick together. Sure, I could learn Spanish. I make tasty carnitas and I like drinking margaritas in the sun. But, like the man said, sticking a feather up your butt does not make you a chicken. I’ll always be a gringo.

I like being a gringo just fine. I feel more at home with white folks of my class and background than I do with people from other groups. Plenty of crackers are total assholes, but at least I know how to read them better. Kipling got exemplary manhood right with “If,” and he got in-group affinity right with “The Stranger.”

The Stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk—
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

When times get tough or the shit hits the fan, I think human groups shake out pretty much the way they do in prison: race, religion, ideology, class. Helter skelter. When everyone has the same race and religion, we still find reasons to separate ourselves into smaller nationalist groups. The English, the French, ze Germans. English colonists vs. English monarchists. Jocks vs. nerds.

If you want me to hand you a set of finger paints, tell me that race is “just about skin color.” If you actually believe that in 2011, you belong at the kiddie table watching Dora the Explorer. Race is hereditary. So are a lot of other human qualities. You get some of your parents’ strengths and some of their weaknesses. Race is about your family, and your family’s family, and your family’s family’s family. Your race is part of your heritage, passed down to you from those who came before. Race, culture, history and tradition combine to give you a sense of being part of an ethnic group.

From 100 yards away, the first things you’ll notice about me are that I am white and I am male. That’s where my taxonomy starts. If I were seen committing a crime, the cops would be looking for a white male, about 5’10-5’11, bald, 200 pounds, average build, with tattoos.

If I live to be 70, in my lifetime white men will be a minority in the United States. Whites are already a minority in many American cities. White men make up 30% of the population in Baltimore, 40% in Philadelphia, 39% in Atlanta. If you want to know what it feels like to be a minority, go to those places and look for a working class job.

Even in places where whites are still a majority, like San Diego, whole segments of the workforce are dominated by certain groups.  I looked for work in San Diego a few years ago.

Here’s the General Labor section of craigslist in San Diego.

And here’s the General Labor list for Portland.

On any given day, Portland tends to have as many or more jobs in that category than San Diego. The Portland metro area has about 2 million people. San Diego has about 3 million people. There are one million more people in San Diego, but the same amount of general labor jobs get posted. In part, this is because San Diego’s population of legal and illegal Mexican immigrants creates a situation where Pedro always has a cousin who has another cousin who needs a job. Openings for a lot of jobs never go public. I see it happen all the time here in Portland, too.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Why shouldn’t Pedro try to get his cousin’s cousin a job? Why shouldn’t they help each other out? Why shouldn’t they take care of their own? Only white people are stupid enough to feel guilty about doing that. Do you think a black man is going to feel bad about helping out a brotha, even in Baltimore—where blacks make up almost 70% of the population?

Every ethnic group in America is taught to be proud of their race and ethnicity, except white people. America has black television channels, black magazines, black community organizations, black lobbying groups, black scholarships, and black barber shops. Any black who wants to can go to a major city and disappear into an almost completely black community. Same thing for the varied Hispanic groups. Asians are far more financially successful, but they too are often insular and protective of their race and heritage.  All of these groups recognize that they share some common ancestry and some common interests, and they organize to assert those interests. If you take a political editorial or press release put out by an Hispanic, black, Asian or even a gay publication and replace the group name with “white,” to the average American eye it will read like it was written by David Duke or George Lincoln Rockwell.

The flimsy rationales for why it is not acceptable for white groups to speak or organize in the same way are based on notions of white majority, white privilege, and white cultural dominance. However, whites are no longer a majority in many places, and as any of the “99%” will tell you, average white people aren’t running the show. The white country club set doesn’t give a damn about what happens to most of us.  A lot of them have realized that “diversity” policies work in their favor—especially when they want to export jobs, hire cheap labor or avoid expensive lawsuits. And, thanks to the “arc of history” civil rights narrative that the media loves to promote, rich white people can shit on poor white people and feel like they are doing God’s work.

A multicultural, multiracial, melting pot society that forbids only one ethnic group from preserving its  culture and organizing to further its own interests is criminally hypocritical. I have a low tolerance for swindling and deception, and the amount of double-talk and outright lying employed to maintain that hypocrisy is despicable.

So many white people have prejudices against other groups of people, choose to live in white neighborhoods, prefer their children to date other whites, and surround themselves with other white people. Some even (privately) make racist jokes.

When asked about race, these same self-righteous whites will dutifully denounce racism, white privilege, and white identity in all its forms—just like their expensive professors told them to.  They come off like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, who recites the social causes of the day to keep people from guessing he’s a completely opportunistic sociopath who will tell people whatever he thinks they want to hear.

Any white person who talks about being white like it is anything other than a cross to bear, or even half-heartedly suggests the idea of organizing as a white group, or even points out a “hate fact” like the black-on-white crime rate will be publicly shamed, excluded and  can easily be fired from his or her job.

Social courage isn’t the highest form of courage, but it’s something.

Being a white anti-racist is the easiest thing to be in the world. It’s like being a papist in Vatican City. There’s nothing brave about it. It’s the status quo. You’re just doing what you’ve been told to do, whether it makes sense or not.

Challenging the deeply entrenched anti-white bias of multiculturalist orthodoxies is heroic by comparison. I may not agree with everything that every white nationalist says—they have their own noble lies—but I applaud any white man or woman who is willing to stand up for their own people and challenge some of the greatest lies of our time.

*   *  *

I am not a white supremacist.

I don’t feel the need to try to prove that my team is objectively better in every way than every other team. Sure, there are probably some bell-curve type differences between the major races. I am also sure I can find a person of just about any race who is better than me at just about anything. Whether white people are superior or not isn’t the point.

The point is that white people are my people. We’re an ethnic and racial group with a common heritage. Because stereotypes aren’t going away, because humans are tribal, and because we’re a group that is well on its way to becoming just another minority, we have every right to organize as a group and take care of our own. I’m pro-white because I am pro-me. I’m pro-my family. I’m in favor of remembering my ancestors in a positive light. I support the preservation of my people’s history and culture, and I resist the revisionism of groups who wish to skew history to favor the interests of others. I know that the accomplishments of great white men are not my personal achievements, and I know I can’t trade on them as if they entitle me to special treatment, but these things are just as important to my identity as the histories of other people are to their identities.

*   *  *

I believe that people should form groups that suit them and exclude others if they believe it is in their benefit to do so. On that note, I can tell you that not all of the Mighty Whites want me around. Every so often, some hysterical prig sallies forth from his Arthurian fap den to proclaim me a he-man woman-hater, a Satanist, a sodomite, and a threat to the cause. I’m flattered that they think I’m a big enough deal to sink their battleship, but if that’s the case, they are already well and truly fucked. I am pro-white and I support WNs because I’m white and because I think they are right about a lot of things—not because I expect them all to send me love letters. That said, most of the WNs and pro-whites I’ve dealt with have been decent, straightforward, polite and helpful.

*   *  *

I am pro-white, but race is not my favorite issue to write about. Race is not what I spend the majority of my time thinking about. If anything, I know too well that it distracts people from the bulk of my work.

My work is about men. It’s about understanding masculinity and the plight of men in the modern world. It’s about what all men have in common. My research and thinking in this area have led me to the conclusion that men are tribal. Women are tribal, too, but women logically tend to favor material security over tribal loyalty. Most men feel more alive, more confident and more comfortable in their own skins when they have a sense of belonging within a group of men.

The concept of honor as I understand it cannot exist without some sense of tribal membership, whether based on race or religion or class or some other form of identification. In both old New York City and old Japan, groups of firemen used to fight each other.

Honor requires a group of men who will judge you, who will threaten you with exclusion and shame, but who will also push you beyond your comfort zone and reward your efforts with respect and loyalty. Manliness and honor are hierarchical. Honor is incompatible with enforced “equality” and it is incompatible with enforced inclusiveness.

*   *  *

I don’t know if what I’ve written here qualifies me as a White Nationalist or not. I’m in no hurry to become a card-carrying member for any organization or movement.  As a writer, I’m just trying to be honest, to say what I mean and mean what I say. That takes me to some unusual places and puts me in touch with unusual people. I’m OK with that.

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  1. This article may hay have some sincerity in spirit but not in truth or science.

    There has never been a group of “Whites” historically or culturally. This is a modern day invention in the contemporary sense (but we could go as far as the beginning of English colonialism).

    Irish were considered scum by the English for the record. As were the Mediterranean peoples (who gave rise to Rome and Greece).

    Being white is irrelevant. The first recorded blue-eyed and red/blond hair were Indo-Iranians (see Tocharians and Scythians).

    You can talk about culture – but referring to your skin color for your identity is useless. In fact, the only reasons Blacks in America do it, is because they do not know their original source countries.

    Anyone who believes in this guy’s opinion is sadly a fool. But the spirit of pride in one’s culture is important, regardless… just be smart enough to know what your culture is and whether you are a subjugated people or not.

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