The "right-rightiest place on the anti-state spectrum"?

That’s how a student of anarchist movements describes the outlook of yours truly.

Question for discussion: Is this an accurate description of my work? Why or why not?

On one hand, I don’t know of much in the work of Proudhon or Bakunin that would contradict my own outlook. On the other hand, if Ernst Niekisch has been an anarchist rather than a Marxist and if Ernst Junger had been less of a militarist, they might have been me. Hmmm.

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  1. I don’t follow LibCom much, but Infoshop reads like a more riotous version of what you would find in an undergraduate, sophomore-level sociology textbook.

    It’s hilarious how those people think they’re being so rebellious by simply regurgitating all those standardized cliches. That’s why I like to compare them to the Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution. The Red Guards were student thugs running around attacking people labeled “reactionaries,” “running dogs of capitalism,” and all the usual epithets, thinking they were carrying out a revolution when in reality Mao was running the whole thing from the top as a means of eliminating any opposition to his absolute rule within the CCP and the Chinese state.

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