Census shows whites lose US majority among babies 4

The Census data is now available.

The two most obvious political implications of this are that the anti-immigration movement is a failure and that the future of ethnic conflict in North American will be a scenario where everyone is a “minority.” This second point is one where both the Left and the far Right lack foresight. Both camps continue to view everything from the “people of color vs whitey” paradigm. Ethnic conflict in the future will be sharpest between those groups who are in the closest competition for scarce resources.


  1. And we’ll see plenty of conflict unfortunately unless we can enlighten the minority groups to how the current prevailing liberal-elitist-welfare paradigm is really a bad deal for them too.

  2. Most ordinary people from the racial/ethnic minority groups already do know that. It’s the ruling class-allied elites from their own peoples that are the system’s accomplices. Most true believing liberals from outside the ranks of the elite are white middle class folks who have been too sheltered in their lives to know better.

  3. Yes. I feel that many members of the Left (but not all) are out to lunch when to examining America as a racist country.

    “Most ordinary people from the racial/ethnic minority groups already do know that.”

    Exactly. I try to explain this to social conservatives of all races but to no avail and I’ve come to the conclusion of “Why argue over such a frivolous thing with someone who’s comfortable in their life anyways?” Selling food stamps is a last resort of most felons. You are “low” in the eyes of peers if you’re dependent on welfare, hence, why hustling (not just drugs but anything…music, business, whatever) is such a big part of living in such communities. Yes, many lazy ass bums do exist. But they’re looked down upon and that’s a fact.

    “It’s the ruling class-allied elites from their own peoples that are the system’s accomplices.”

    That reminds me… one of us (On the ATS or TDA staff) needs to watch or attend the Cornel West Vs. Al Sharpton debate. I have many ideological differences with both, but it will make for a critical moment.

  4. Also, I’d add that the authoritarianism found within the ranks of different ethniticities is not just the atypical “Jesse Jackson” or “Al Sharpton” types (although they have much in common with who I’m referring to) but also in the intellectual class in civil rights and radical movements. I believe Thaddeus Russel touched on this point in how some leaders will explain certain traits of African American indigenous culture as either “embarrassing” or “brain washed” behavior. Alot of these ideas are used as justifications for harmful policy or the existence of a nanny state, period.

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