The Radical Tradition: Philosophy, Metapolitics & the Conservative Revolution

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The Radical Tradition: Philosophy, Metapolitics & the Conservative Revolution

Edited by Troy Southgate

This latest book from Primordial Traditions is rather different to the other texts in the series. Those publications focussing on religious and esoteric topics – including Northern mythology, Tantra, Alchemy and the Occult – are directly related to the Traditionalist current discussed by those thinkers who chiefly specialise in the fields of Comparative Religion and Perennialism. These include Rene Guénon, Julius Evola, Mircea Eliade, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Frithjof Schuon and various others.

The Radical Tradition, however, does not attempt to examine the nature of Tradition from the more transcendent perspective, on the contrary, it concentrates upon those political, social and economic traditions which – despite operating within the realms of the secular or profane – often align themselves with the aforementioned tendencies that are to be found at the higher level.

This book has not been collated in order to link Traditionalists with certain political ideas. Instead, the use of the word ‘tradition’ in the title is more accurately connected with those radicals and revolutionaries who do not emanate from the Left of the ideological spectrum. Throughout the last few hundred years, of course, the rise of the mercantile Third Estate and the gradual emergence of groups and organisations committed to resisting international capitalism and globalisation has led to some very interesting developments. The purely materialistic opposition to this financial vampirism, which, in the main, has been led and directed by Marx, Lenin, Stalin and others, has proven to be completely ineffectual. Furthermore, it has been exposed as simply another side of the same coin. At the same time, however, a decidedly non-communist strain of anti-capitalism appeared amongst nineteenth-century radicals such as Robert Owen, William Cobbett and Robert Blatchford. These figures were later joined by Catholic reformers – known as Distributists – such as Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton and Father Denis Fahey. Meanwhile, in the wake of the First World War, the growth of revolutionary conservatism in Germany and the influence of brave and original thinkers like Oswald Spengler, Stefan George, Edgar Jung, Carl Schmitt and Otto Strasser, offered a more traditional alternative to the crass totalitarianism of the Third Reich.

In the late-1960s, this philosophical dynamism inspired the rise of the Nouvelle Droite (New Right) in France and many of its leading luminaries, including Alain de Benoist, went on to form an organisation known as the Research and Study Group on European Civilisation (GRECE) in 1979. But the important difference between the anti-capitalism of the Left and that which developed on the fringes of the Right, however, is that whilst the former is wholly materialistic and centred on the reductionist perception of man as an economic unit, the latter takes into account the importance of spirituality, identity and culture.

During the course of this book, therefore, some of these fascinating ideas will be explored more fully and we have done our very best to assemble a fantastic team of contributors which accurately reflects the continuing will and fortitude of the struggle against materialism in the defence of the sacred. Make no mistake, these are the modern heirs of the radical tradition.

Contributors include:

* TOMISLAV SUNIC – History and Decadence: Spengler’s Cultural Pessimism Today
* JONATHAN BOWDEN – A Polyp Devours Its Feed, Paracelsus Unzipped: An Analysis of F.W. Murnau’s Film, Nosferatu
* TROY SOUTHGATE – Heidegger: The Application of Meaning in An Increasingly Transient World
* WAYNE JOHN STURGEON – Anarcho-National-Syndicalist: Some Reflections on Being Shot by Both Sides
* ALEX KURTAGIC – Lessons From the Music Industry
* BRETT STEVENS – The Civilisation Cycle and its Implications for the Individual
* MAXIM BOROZENEC – An Introduction to Intertraditionale
* DR. K.R. BOLTON – The Art of Rootless Cosmopolitanism: America’s Offensive Against Civilisation
* MICHAEL KLEEN – Friedrich Nietzsche and José Ortega y Gasset on the State
* TROY SOUTHGATE – Schopenhauer and Suffering: Eternal Pessimist or Prophet for our Times?
* WAYNE JOHN STURGEON – Anarcho-Gnosticism: Golgotha of the Absolute Mind
* SEAN JOBST – Towards a Sufi Anarch: The Role of Islamic Mysticism Against Modernist Decay
* BEN CRAVEN – Are Human Rights a Fiction of Modern, Western Liberal Democracies That Bring Us No Closer to a Shared Ethical Framework?
* TONY GLAISTER – 50 Years On: Notes on the New Right
* WAYNE JOHN STURGEON – The Impossible Dream: An Introduction to Christian Anarchism
* KEITH PRESTON – The Nietzschean Prophecies: Two Hundred Years of Nihilism and the Coming Crisis of Western Civilization
* TROY SOUTHGATE – Transcending the Beyond: Third Position to National-Anarchism
* GWENDOLYN TOYNTON – Tradition & Politics: Reforming the Modern World

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