Why I Am An Anarcho-Misogynist

Jay Batman strikes again with this piece that’s been ruffling some feathers over as the Gonzo Time. There have been some interesting following up posts this article as well over there. Check it out.

As I’ve come to divorce myself from statist paradigms, I’ve also become increasingly cognizant of the state’s alignment with female driven concerns and motivations. The welfare state, the nanny state, all of the major advances of the state into social concerns over the past fifty years are undeniably matriarchal in their concerns. But more than that, societal conventions that deny a man’s natural and innate inclinations to preach some false idea of domestication as the ideal are the creations of a matriarchal tyranny.

We men are not naturally inclined toward monogamy or marriage. Societies that promote such end results are clearly the product of male hatred on the part of the women who drive such values. Women have appropriated the state and religious institutions to systematically de-masculinize men and relegate us to a less virile, less potent existence. Instead of celebrating our masculinity, we are taught to regard it as an impediment to the liberation of women. The two are mutually exclusive, because the feminine paradigm of thought is largely concerned with the oppositional, either/or mutually exclusive dichotomy.

It is no accident that mainline religious denominations are dominated by women from a membership standpoint. Consider the following from the article The Feminization of Christianity by Leon Podles, which finds church membership ratios overwhelming dominated by women: Roman Catholics, 1.09 to one; Lutherans, 1.04-1.23 to one; Mennonites, 1.44-1.16 to one; Friends, 1.40 to one; Methodists, 1.33-1.47 to one; Baptists, 1.35 to one; Assembly of God, 1.71 to one; Pentecostals, 1.71-2.09 to one; and Christian Scientists, 3.19 to one. Podles notes that when men do attend church, it is usually only because they are pressured into doing so by women.

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  1. Y’know I’m kinda misogynist myself even though I’m homosexual and don’t need women anyways. I wouldn’t say I hate all women, but with alot of them I just don’t have an understanding of them or what it is they want from me or other men. And most women in authoritative positions really offend me – I’m really convinced the only reason such women take those positions is to undercut men. I’ve seen women drill sergeants march around like a parody of how men walk, and it doesn’t convince me they’re equal to men at all. Just that they either wish they were men or had the same power as men do…

    Sorry for any women reading this though. maybe they can convince me I’m wrong?

  2. It’s a pity he falls back on naturalistic and essentialist fallacies to prop up his otherwise valid points. All the same, that was a great polemic, and funny as fuck at points, too.

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