Remembering The Black Spades

The original Black National-Anarchists?

The notorious Black Spades was once the largest and most feared gang in New York City. Hailing from the Bronx, the Spades had as their warlord, Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. They were the precursors to Hip Hop.. We caught up with many of the members including original leader Bam Bam who gave Bambaataa his name. We spoke with Hip Hop legend Popmaster Fabel who is finishing up a documentary on early gang culture called ‘The Apache line’.

We also hear from Karate Charlie who was the President of the Ghetto Brothers which was another large Street Orginazation highlighted in Jeff Chang’s book ‘Cant Stop Wont Stop’..

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  1. So Afrika-Bambaata was the Original Gangsta. Y’know I don’t follow hip-hop much, although I do remember the old school stuff, and a recent documentary on Tupac Shakur was a complete revelation to me as far as his overall ingenious perspective…

  2. Fantastic subject of study, and an important step in the progression of modern anti-establishment and anarchist idealism. Unfortunately, the hip-hop enthusiastic gangster mentality has been twisted and bastardized into an ugly thing. But all things change…

    Btw, so glad to have found an organization like this one. Kudos.

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